New Dean of Admissions

<p>Does anyone know about the new dean of undergraduate admissions from Johns Hopkins? Do you think the new dean will have any effect on the acceptance rate or the college overall?</p>

<p>you're in a wrong section.. this is for Emory University!!</p>

<p>Melons, no, I'm not. Lol. The new dean of admissions at Emory is from Johns Hopkins...</p>

<p>ohh lol i didn't catch that.. wow i'm such a fail ......... ahaahah well I really don't know
about the new dean, but thanks for the information! haha</p>

<p>Haha, np. Sorry, I should have made that more clear.</p>

<p>*"John F. Latting has been appointed Assistant Vice Provost for Undergraduate Enrollment and Dean of Admission at Emory University where he will lead Emory in attracting and retaining undergraduate students who have the highest quality of intellect, motivation and diversity.</p>

<p>"Under his leadership JHU increased the size of the freshmen applicant pool in nine consecutive years, improved student diversity and strengthened the academic preparation of the freshman class. He also led the office in implementing improved information technology, adopting a robust social media and e-recruiting process, engaging faculty in the admission process and establishing a strong communications strategy." *</p>

<p>This sounds very much like Emory to me. I think the university leadership is very strong.</p>