New Edition of Blue Book (Summer 2009)

<p>Hi Everyone,</p>

<p>I work for a test prep company and thought you might be interested in the news from College Board, as this possibility has been discussed in the past.</p>

<p>We recently received the 2009-2010 College Board Catalog with an advertisement for the new Second Edition of the Official SAT Study Guide. According to the catalog, the new book will include 10 official practice tests and access to online answer explanations.</p>

<p>We've called College Board to learn the exact release date and whether these 10 tests will be different than the current 8 tests, but we get different answers every time we call. We've been told the book is being released in two weeks and that it's being released in August. We've been told there are 10 new tests and that there are the 8 old tests and 2 new ones. Has anyone else heard called and inquired? </p>


<p>I only hope if the book is released in August i wont need it because i will get my dream score in June :}</p>


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<p>haha... it wasn't supposed to be totally serious, but i guess TCB isn't completely stupid...</p>

<p>^ Haha, although I bet that silly concept review section will still be in there.</p>

<p>What they should really do is put 10 previously administered tests in there so we don't have to argue about whether the BB is too easy.</p>

<p>My bet is that they will put those old QAS booklets that are floating around the internet (illegal torrents and such) into the book. This way, people who downloaded illegally will get the book for a paper copy, and those who don't can get the same tests as those who pirate the tests.</p>