New England Foliage This Week?

I’m taking my daughter on a leaf peeping trip tomorrow, October 6. Are there any CC peeps in New Hampshire, Vermont, and Massachusetts who can tell me how the color is looking in your specific area? The foliage is changing color earlier in southern Maine than usual, so I’m trying to figure out a route to take. Thanks!

@MaineLonghorn I’m so jealous! I’ve been seeing so many pictures on Instagram of the fall colors in New England and wish H and I were able to be there this year to see them as we loved our trip there 2 years ago. H said last night we should plan a trip for next fall.

STOP!!! Torture! So jealous!

You know I would be biking in Vermont this week (fall foliage trip) if not for COVID.
So jealous.

The funny thing is that right where we live is some of the prettiest foliage anywhere. But I want to get away with my daughter so I need to find some other places to visit. I decided we’ll drive to Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire tomorrow. Then we’ll go north or south depending on where it looks like peak might be. D is bringing her keyboard so we can both practice. I have another piano lesson next week to prepare for. ?

Lake Winnipesaukee is my happy place! I spent my summers there as a kid and dream of someday buying a house in Meredith or Moultonborough. Enjoy your trip!

The pic in my avatar is from last week or so. That tree is now a ruddier color. We’re about 2.5 hours south of you, coastal.

Not all trees have fully turned here.

But go anywhere you wish. If it’s not the panoramas, there’ll be those individual trees to ooh and ahh at. And what I love to call “Mom and Girl time.”

@flyawayx2 cool! I have fond memories of visiting there one Christmas with my husband, about a year after we were married. My parents came with us. DH ordered flowers ahead of time for my parents that were waiting in their hotel room for them. He included a note thanking them for letting him marry me! My dad was like, “Uh, you took her off our hands…” Ha! We managed to find one restaurant that was open on Christmas Day. A very special time.

My mom and I used to take a foliage trip every year before we had kids (late 80s/early 90s). I’m so glad I can do this with my daughter at least once.

There’s an online map. Don’t know the name but I’ve used it and it accurate.

We hiked Mt Major (overlooking Lake Winniepesaukee) a couple of weekends ago. Colors had just started to change - I would think it would be glorious this weekend. Might go back…

Mt Major is a great recommendation. It’s a short hike that opens up to granite near the top with spectacular views.

Also West Rattlesnake Mountain in Holderness.

We drove the Kancamagus Highway in New Hampshire today. It has to be very close to peak. Just gorgeous. Not peak yet farther south.

We’re staying at a great B&B in North Woodstock NH tonight. I think we will drive west to Vermont tomorrow.

Everyone is wearing masks. We ate outdoors at a wonderful Mexican restaurant in Lincoln. It makes me sad that outdoor dining won’t be happening too much longer, even with heaters.

D and I are having the best time. Since she’s a photographer (it was one of her two majors), we will have some amazing photos of our trip. ?

@MaineLonghorn I loved the drive on the Kancamagus Highway when we did it two years ago!