New Food???

<p>i saw on their website fordham lc just got new food service. everyone said previously that the food was borderline awful so i was wondering if anyone had noticed an improvement in both quality and accessibility (two of the big flaws in the dining service from what i had heard)?</p>

<p>Once again, I dont know about Lincoln Center but the food service at Rose Hill is vastly improved and really quite enjoyable. Of course, its de riguer for all kids to complain because its not home cooking and it gets boring after a few weeks. But its 3,000 percent better than when I was in college, trust me.</p>

<p>Oh yeah? So LC has gotten rid of Sodexho at last? Haha.</p>

<p>I will get back to you if I see an improvement when I come in tomorrow. Not sure what you mean by accessibility, though. It's very easy to access the food, whether you want to is the larger question.</p>

<p>well i had heard most places to get food are closed over the weekend and things like that. i was wondering if that changed at all and also since we are talking about it how people cope with not having dining services from friday afternoon through sunday</p>