NEW Forbes Ranking

<p>Does anyone know when the new Forbes college ranking will come out this month?</p>

<p>Who care? Forbes' rankings are so whacked that few pay any attention to them.</p>

<p>they come out this month. :P</p>

<p>They're not that whacky. Only a few are "out of place" but combining LACs and Universities on that list kind of makes sense .... except for the one or two "out of place"s.</p>

<p>does anybody know what day? i can't find it anywhere on the forbes site</p>

They're not that whacky.


<p>Whacky might be the wrong term. The Forbes rankings are nothing short of pure garbage.</p>

<p>^ xiggi </p>

<p>I purely agree :) I just love to see people get hype that there 50-ish ranked school (Us news) is 5-ish in Forbes. I don't know how much crap Forbes pulls from there sources, it just baffles me.</p>

<p>the forbes rankings are as legit as any other rankings</p>

<p>^ I disagree. It's pure garbage as xiggi said.</p>

<p>Forbes is complete crap. This is coming not only from me, but my entire floor at MIT. We've talked about rankings, the ones that get frequently bashed are the Forbes and Shanghai Jio Tong ARWU rankings.</p>

<p>^ I think the only ranking website that should be trusted is US News. The only thing it is failing at, is that they don't have a section that is combining both LAC and National Uni's.</p>

<p>USNEWS is the most accurate ranking imo.</p>

<p>Forbes is not complete crap. At least we all know where crap comes from. I can't even say the same for Forbes.</p>

Boston College (No. 16) far outperforms Dartmouth (No. 98), Duke (No. 104) and Cornell College (No. 105). And among flagship state universities, Illinois (No. 132) outranks Big Ten Conference rival (No. 200) Michigan.


<p>Nope, nothing amiss there ...
At least Stanford is #10 in 2009 as opposed to #23 in 2008 ...</p>

<p>As much crap as people give USNEWS, I honestly think it's the most accurate ranking.</p>

<p>i dont think you guys understand what the forbes rankings measure. it's about the undergrad exeprience that the school can provide for the student.</p>

<p>That's bull **** then. No rankings should EVER be based soley on that. Plus the source which Forbes uses is "" another crap site. I think YeloPen just proved more of my point. Plus Dartmouth is known for the best Undergrad studies in the world, and yet in Forbes, it's ranked 98. Nothing is wrong with this ranking at all.</p>

<p>As I said, US NEWS is the most accurate. Forbes is just complete crap.</p>

<p>what are you talking about "no ranking should ever be based on that?" if that's what they want to rank, then what's the big deal? when you look at rankings of campus food or of best dorms, do you expect harvard at the top? no. usnews attempts to rank prestige and forbes attempts to rank quality of UG experience. they're completely different.</p>

<p>"the forbes rankings are as legit as any other rankings"</p>

<p>Not really. They're put together by an organization and retired economics professor (Richard Vedder) who is a tireless advocate for eliminating all forms of public higher education--no state universities, no federal financial aid and no state or federal support for research. In his ideal world, there would be private universities and colleges for the wealthy and for-profit schools and corporate in-house "training" for everyone else.</p>

<p>Shockingly, he's managed to come up with a ranking system that utterly marginalizes public universities. Say what you will about USN&WR rankings and methodology, but they are not a crass and cynical agenda driven exercise like the Forbes rankings.</p>

forbes attempts to rank quality of UG experience


<p>They call it "America's Best Colleges." Misleading ... especially considering the Average Joe probably doesn't read about the methodology. And I'd hardly say Dartmouth is 98th in undergraduate experience.</p>

<p>And the fact that they use to evaluate teaching ... yeah.</p>

<p>they're definition of "best colleges" means colleges that provide the best UG experience. and you don't need to say if dartmouth is 98th or not, because the forbes data already has. and is ratemyprofessors really any worse than PA for US news?</p>