New freshmen

I’ll be starting Sonoma State in the fall as a biology major, and I’m really excited! However I wanna hear someone who has gone there or goes there and how they like it. Any advice? Please share your experience/tips

@jkoulakani I think most of these Sonoma State forums are pretty dead lol you could try checking out the reviews on that college niche website. Just google sonoma state college niche. Have you toured the campus? I’m transferring there in the fall but I live in SoCal so I wasn’t able to visit the campus first. One of my friends goes there and he said he loves it though.

I graduated HS last yr and actually don’t go to ssu, though I plan on tranaferring there next year (out if state WA). Anyways i visited and the campus is great, if you’re living on campus; dorms are great. The dorms are better than my house haha. Classes aren’t too big. The only downer is that they don’t really care about sports. Idk if that’s a big deal to you or not?