New Guidelines For Chance Me Threads for Michigan

Hi All,

I am happy to see more people trying to tap into the wealth of knowledge of the CC Michigan community to assess their chances for admission. However, in order to serve these posters I am bringing forward new guidelines for everyone who wants to be “Chanced”. These guidelines are meant to leverage consistency to bring as much quality to “chancing” as possible.

Template for Chancing:

Discussion Title:
CHANCE ME: , <umich intended="" class="" year="" +="" application="" round="">,,, <in-state or="" your="" state="" country="" if="" oos)="">

Example: CHANCE ME: LSA, 2023 EA, Freshman, 3.98, 1550, New Jersey

If you have a special situation, you do not need to use this title format.

Special situations include being a recruited athlete, being a development case (huge family donors and the like), having a family member with a major faculty appointments (Distinguished University Professor, Arthur Thurnau Professor, major Michigan Medicine appointment, Department Chair, etc.), having a family member who is of an administrator rank of Assistant Vice Provost/President or higher (or equivalent/higher rank on another scale - such as Chief Health Officer), having a family member who is a major public figure

  • something along the lines of being a Governor or higher), being a recipient of a MAJOR national or international award/recognition (Forbes 30 Under 30, International Math Olympiad Medalist, National Summer/Winter Olympics Team Member, etc.), or overcoming SEVERE life hurdles (being a refugee from a war zone, having both your parents dead/terminally ill/in prison, etc.).

In a special situation case, use your best judgement for a relevant thread title.

Example: CHANCE ME: TEAM USA Snowboarder @ PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics

Template for Post:

Unweighted GPA:

SAT/ACT total/composite (do not “superscore”, list the total/composite for each sitting):

Highest SAT Math:

Highest SAT: Verbal:

Highest ACT Math:

Highest ACT Reading:

Highest ACT Science:

SAT Subject Test Scores: Test Title (Score), Test Title (Score), etc.

AP Test Scores: Test Title (Score), Test Title (Score), etc.

IB Test Scores: Test Title (Score), Test Title (Score), etc.

Honors/AP/IB/Dual Enrollment Coursework by Year:

Level of Rigor for your coursework when compared to you HS peers (1-5, with 5 being most rigorous):

In-State/Out-of-State/International (specify your state/country if you are not a Michigan resident):

If in-state, please specify if you are from an area Michigan is trying to recruit more students from (Upper Peninsula, Detroit, Flint, Ypsilanti, underrepresented school districts):

Extra/Co-curricular Activities and Leadership Positions + Accomplishments/Awards/Recognitions (include jobs here too): Activity Name (Leadership/Accomplishments), Activity Name (Leadership/Accomplishments), etc.

Other Awards/Recognitions:

School/College applying to:

Family Connections (alumni, current students, donors, faculty/staff, etc.):

Intended Program/Major:

Quality of College Counselor Recommendation (1-10, with 10 being highest):

Quality of Other Recommendation Letters: (1-10, with 10 being highest):

Quality of Essays (based on feedback from teachers, trusted people who are either great writers or who have been admitted to a selective University) (1-10, with 10 being highest):

Hooks/Special Situations (race does not typically matter @ Michigan):

Other Notes:

Please leave plenty of spacing!!!

Thank You! Please be respectful of posts and always follow CC ToS. Thanks!!!

~Yikesyikesyikes, Forum Champion for the University of Michigan

I’m confused. I thought “Chance” threads are supposed to stay on the Chances forum, not be pushed out to individual college forums. Not that I think a standardized format is a bad idea, though.

@intparent Single-college chance threads are placed in the college forum. Multi-college chance threads are placed in WAMC. Multiple chance threads by the same user in different college forums created in (roughly) the same time frame are merged and moved to WAMC.

Thanks — I always thought that was a lot of work for you to merge, and it happens too often.