New Honors Courses for Fall :)

<p>New UH Seminars for Fall 2010</p>

<p>From an email....</p>

<p>*Big news in the Honors College for the fall: the arrival of two new faculty members to teach full-time. </p>

<p>Dr. Brad Tuggle is a UA graduate and our university's most recent Rhodes Scholar [Yes, each of you should take that as a challenge!]. His field is Renaissance English literature and his new seminar for Fall 2010 will be two sections of Back to the Land: Renewing the Face of the Earth. <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Dr. William Nolan will also be joining us this fall. His fields are English Rhetoric and film analysis. Details of his seminars will be highlighted in a later newsletter. Currently, the seminars listed below have seats available. Descriptions of each can be found at the link above. Look for more course postings here throughout the summer.*</p>

<p>Poetry and Community
UH 300 019 45657 </p>

<p>Back to the Land: Renewing the Face of the Earth
UH 300 020 48802<br>
UH 300 022 48803 </p>

<p>Justice: What’s the Right Thing to Do?
UH 300 023 49014 </p>

<p>Understanding Alabama’s Political Landscape
UH 300 024 49018 </p>

<p>Life Calling, Leadership Discovery
UH 300 025 49084</p>

<p>Thanks for sharing this, mom2collegekids. My alma mater is just sounding better and better as a possibility for my S, a URM, hopefully to be NHMS! Wish I were still there to take those UH seminars.</p>

<p>Those sound great. Thanks for sharing that info with us.</p>