New immigrant & Foreign bachelor degree

<p>I'm come from Taiwan and just graduate from university, major in biology. I want to take further education in medical college, but my chemistry course was just half-year course, other requested courses were completed. This year I got my PR, now I live in Georgia. So...
1.I want to take MCAT, should I apply for pre-med courses first?
2. If I need pre-med courses, which one will be suitable for me?(post-bacc?
3.My GPA seems bad...(3.0 or below) what should I do?
Any advice is appreciated</p>

<p>ALL US medical schools require that ALL the prerequisite courses for admission be taken at an accredited US or Canadian university. Most (all?) med schools require at least 2 full years of grades from a US or Canadian university for you to be considered for admission. You can't use your coursework from Taiwan to meet minimum admission requirements.</p>

<p>At the very least, you will need to enroll in a post-bacc program. You may need to complete a full US bachelor's or master's degree in order to be eligible for admission. </p>

<p>What you do need to do is contact the admission office of your state medical school and ask what their minimum requirements would be w/r/t US coursework.</p>

<p>OP, you also need some ECs; some of the ECs should be related to medicine. Having GPAs and MCAT scores are not enough in the admission game here in US. Also, your undergraduate GPA is too low for medical schools. It looks like you may need to go to some post-bacc program. A catch is that a "good" post-bacc program likely only accepts students with a reasonably good credential (e.g., better GPA.)</p>

<p>Before you plan further, consider asking proffessionals about your low GPA. it is low and you need to plan based on this fact, otherwise you might waste a lot of time.</p>

<p>Thanks a lot, your advices are very precious!</p>