New Jeopardy host preference? / Jeopardy updates

My preference so far is Ken Jennings. He seems like a natural. Mike Richards was good too. I like Katie Couric but don’t think she’s a good fit. I’m watching basketball so only saw a couple of minutes of Dr. Oz tonight. What I saw was not too exciting but I’ll reserve judgment since I did not see much of him yet.

Very sad news about Brayden Smith.


Not Dr. Oz. Looking forward to Aaron Rodgers

I won’t watch while Dr. Oz is hosting

Aaron has a day job though :wink:


Our family wants Ken back but I hear he found it stressful & prefers more of a consultant type role with Jeopardy.

I’ve got no respect for Dr Oz (to say the least), it’ll be tough but I don’t think I’ll be watching jeopardy while he’s hosting.

I was pleasantly surprised with both Ken and Mike Richards. Katie…meh.

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I want Ken, tho it was obvious he was nervous. I think he would adjust in time.

Katie? Those fake big black glasses? Her enthusiasm, not my style.
Dr Oz, just no

If Dr. Oz gets the job, I will never watch Jeopardy again.


So far I think Mike Richards has been the best. Katie Couric was annoying, Ken was ok, and I haven’t seen Dr. Oz yet, but…No.

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Didn’t realize Oz was so controversial until I read these posts. I certainly have seen him but didn’t watch his show and don’t watch Fox News. I only saw a couple of minutes of him tonight and wasn’t impressed. Now that I know more about him , I"ll pass on him as well.
Katie was just too peppy. I could not take that day after day for years!

I don’t think Katie, Dr. Oz, Arron Rodgers (obviously) or any of the other upcoming guest hosts are actually interested in hosting Jeopardy as a full time gig. Maybe Ken Jennings and Mike Richards.

I personally would like to see how Brad Rutter would do, but I don’t know if he’s planning to throw his hat in the ring.

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My favorite so far was Mike Richards. I thought his calm, stay in the background demeanor best fit the show. Next was Ken. Katie was fine but not great.

Dr. Oz, just no. I’m not sure if I’ll watch all of his episodes. Does anyone else find it a bit slimy that the donations during his time are going to his own foundation?


I found Mike Richards’ voice the easiest to listen to, right amount of inflection. Ken Jennings seemed a little tense, can’t stand Dr. Oz and found his delivery too monotone. Katie K was OK, nothing special.


I liked all but Dr. Oz. He seems fake to me.

Ken Jennings is my favorite so far. Mike Richards was better than I expected and I would be fine with him also.

Does anyone know how many different guest hosts will try out before they pick someone?

Where is Ted Baxter when you need him?


I don’t think the show is rushing to choose a permanent replacement for Alex. In addition to Aaron Rodgers, several additional guest hosts have been announced – Bill Whitaker, Savannah Guthrie, Sanjay Gupta, Anderson Cooper and Mayim Bialik – and supposedly more are planned (I’ve seen rumors about LeVar Burton). Not everyone who is guest hosting is auditioning to take over the show, though.

I thought Ken J, Mike R and Katie C were all good in different ways. Ken really grew on me; I found his voice a little whiny at first, but I got used to it (or maybe the production team started using electronic means to beef it up a bit), and I thought he did a good job of being smooth without being slick.

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He is fake.


When is Aaron’s gig? I’d love to watch.

Also, while my feelings about football vary, gotta love that Aaron sort of smashes that stereotyped “football player” persona but hosting (and doing a good job playing) a brain game!

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Starting April 5 for 10 episodes.


Is Laura Coates ever going to be on? That’s who Alex said he wanted to replace him.

Not as of yet, if ever