New Jeopardy host preference? / Jeopardy updates

Other game shows have survived after having to get a new host. Price is Right took a while to break in Drew Carey and yet the show continued and people watched.

I’d think it is a lot of work to train the temporary hosts. They need to get the timing right to get through all the questions, to get the banter right, to seem like they are enjoying it. I don’t think they want to continue with the new host every 2 weeks situation.

Who knows what Anderson or others are thinking and if they would even want a career change. A journalist is a journalist with a certain drive keeping them there.

The $ and hours aren’t always the career goal.

But who knows maybe he - or another host - would try it for a year. Gotta believe that Jeopardy is looking for someone to take it for the long haul.

I like Anderson the best so far. He seems very comfortable in the role.

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I also really like Anderson Cooper’s voice. Very easy to listen to. I can totally see him in this job.

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Anderson Cooper and Mike Richards, thus far, have been the easiest on the ears.


Bill Whitaker is doing great.
I didn’t care for Anderson as much as I like and admire him. He always hesitated saying “yes” or “right” when a contestant answered correctly. That bugged me. I don’t know if he was trying to create drama or what.

I’ve only seen Bill Whitaker tonight and thought he was very
low key and bland. I’ve only seen him once though. Would definitely not be a top pick for me at this point. But maybe I’m missing something!


I had a positive reaction to “low key and bland.” I felt like it allowed the game and not the host to be the star.


Anderson had the same issue with delayed responses. But he got better as he went along. Last couple shows it was the exception when he had the delay. I think that is something that is harder than it looks.

Different people look for different things in a host. Bland and low key is fine by me. Jeopardy doesn’t need an interesting host to be interesting. Other game shows do. Alex said the stars of the show are the contestants. Job of host is to let them shine.

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H and I really like Bill Whitaker. We are also looking forward to Levar Burton.

A delay before announcing correct/incorrect slows down the flow of the game. Ken Jennings, Holhauzer, et al, are like machines—no time elapses between being announced correct and choosing the next question. It infuriates me when a contestant gets a questions correct, then has to stop and think about where they are going next–keep the game moving!!

Low key yes, definitely. However, the show is not supposed to be about the host. The show is about the contestants and finding the correct responses. I am okay with low key.


I will take Anderson Cooper any day, over anybody else. He’s obviously very smart and good-looking, and has a natural sense of humor and refinement that can’t be trained.

My #2 is Aaron Rodgers, who may have expressed a desire to retire from that other job. He needs a little animation training but I think he’d be good. He’s intelligent and likeable.

Katie Couric is, as was already pointed out, a little too into herself.

I dislike Jennings and I absolutely despise Dr Oz.

Anderson’s ratings for his first week were less than Dr. Oz.

Part of that was likely because of coverage of the Chauvin trial/verdict. Second week ratings are not available yet. I believe that Dr Oz ratings were the same his second week.

You know, as time has gone on, I find myself missing Aaron Rodgers as guest host. He definitely improved during his stint. I thought he had good rapport with the contestants but still made it all about the game.


*low key" may have not been the best choice of words as I do think that exuding too much personality is not good for the show. I just found him a little boring in comparison to some of the others and would just like some middle ground. Katie Couric was too much and I would not want to watch her regularly.

I liked Ken, Mike, Anderson, and even Aaron grew on me a little as time went on. Maybe I’ll also like Bill more in the role after I’ve seen more of him. As I said, I’ve only caught him once. Definite no for me-Katie, Dr. Oz.

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I am not a Jeopardy regular. But being it’s been on for as long as I can remember I certainly have watched it on and off. Alex was the host, darn good at it and the show was equated with him just as much as the name. Tough to replicate to ANYONE “new”.

But I have to ask, was Alex really that entertaining? I didn’t really find him “entertaining” - just good at getting the show from beginning to end. I’m just curious of opinions.

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Watching Bill right now for the first time. It’s interesting … I kind of don’t like his voice, but he’s the one sub I’ve seen who I haven’t found at all “distracting.” My focus is on the game, as it should be. So a no-rave turns out to be, in fact, a rave.


I think Alex was a star but not the star of the show. He was a star because he hosted for 37 seasons and more than 8,000 episodes. He also was very good as the host. Very smooth. Had seen it all before so he could roll with things without missing a beat.

In many ways, he was an invisible host because he had been there so long. Like part of the set. One thing I noticed more than anything with the different hosts is the different voices making it harder to focus on the show. Each host has a different voice and cadence. Takes several shows to get used to it. And by the time you do (at least I do) we are on to the next guest host.

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Great summary of Alex and his role.