New Jersey Colleges Help

What in your opinion is the best schools at least 3-5 for Poli Sci or International Affairs or Homeland Security. 3 top schools in New Jersey. transfer gpa around 3.0 for 42 credits.

I’m not sure about the transfer credits and whatnot, but the best schools in NJ are: 1) Princeton 2) TCNJ 3) Rutgers
Honorable mention to Stevens Tech. After that, it falls off pretty hard.

Yeah FDU Richard Stockton all seem to blow.

The best schools in NJ are Princeton, TCNJ, and Stevens. Rutgers, Rowan, and NJIT are also decent schools. Other than that, NJ colleges and universities are very weak.

Have you looked into Seton Hall University?

Seton hall i can see from my window. Im not allowed to live at home during college so the distance is a must.

What do you think for CJ or Poli Sci?

Rutgers has a stellar reputation across many disciplines and areas of study. Princeton, being an Ivy League school, is very competitive. TCNJ consistently appears on round-ups of best-value colleges.

Seton Hall is awful, and usually costs more than our state schools!

@LBad96 summed it up. There are better options if you’d cross the NY or PA borders.

@newjerseygirl98 actually, I’ll alter it now.

Top school is obviously Princeton. Good schools are Rutgers and TCNJ. Decent schools are Stevens and Rowan.

That’s it.

TCNJ is consistently ranked as the #1 top public in NJ and comes in nationally as a highly competitive and recognized school. Barrons ranks it top 75 most competitive schools in the nation, BusinessWee/Bloomberg ranks its business program #34 in the nation, Princeton review 2016 •#6 in the nation based on overall student satisfaction
#7 for having the most beautiful campus
#12 for best career services
#13 for happiest students
#15 for best health services
#19 for how well different types of students (backgrounds, ethnicities) interact at our school.

money mag ranked it #1 public college or university in NJ and #39 in the nation.
and they ranked them #94 overall public or private! Also one of 20 publics most likely to pay off financially.
And USNWR ranks them #3 regional in the north.

Rankings may not mean everything, but when there are so many accolades it certainly builds a very strong case.

TCNJ is a great school for a lot of reasons. No other NJ public can say all this (not even close).

Top is Princeton. Rutgers New Brunswick & TCNJ are good. Stevens is pricey but good. NJIT,Ramapo,Rowan,Rutgers Newark, & Stockton are decent.

You should go for Princeton, Rutgers New Brunswick, or TCNJ.