New leonardtown dorms

<p> my turn to find help!</p>

<p>DS just got his dorm assignment and he got a 4 bdrm 6 person dorm in new leonardtown. They look good on the website, but does anybody know anything about them. He seemed kind of bummed that it was there, but excited b/c the layout is good since they have their own lounge and kitchen. I am glad because it still has a dorm feel by having 400 residents)</p>

<p>Also now I have to learn a whole new food program b/c they have a full kitchen! Do we do the Terrapin Express or the apt dining plan?</p>

<p>what site did you go to find the room assignment?</p>

<p>I guess he went to res living...he has been assigned the actual dorm room number.</p>

<p>Terrapin express! The apartment plan is a waste of money that they sell only because people wanted to know their kids had a meal plan. Or, teach him how to cook real food this summer and you will all save a TON of money. Instead of spending $200 every three weeks in the dining hall, you can eat on $200 for an entire month.</p>

<p>Leonardtown is about the same distance from classes on the Mall as North Campus is. My little brother is living in Leonardtown. </p>

<p>Consider the university meal deal plan. It's a debit card used for restaurants on Route 1. My brother is getting it for next year.</p>

<p>Agree (as usual) with s-b-n..... don't go for the campus food plan/apt dining plan. They will very rarely want to eat at one of the dining halls. (and we (I and younger D) "taught" D1 basic kitchen survival techniques last summer). She doesn't really cook that often, but when she does, she's really good now! (she and her friends from last year's dorm get together frequently to bake goodies at her apartment!!!) She gets $200 spending money every month for groceries, eating out, and other spending's more than enough (plus she has a part time job she uses the $ for clothes, etc.). Since she does not spend $$ on liquor, it's more than enough in her apartment/dorm.</p>

<p>I was thinking about doing Terrapin express instead of the apt meal plan b/c he can use it absolutely everywhere including at Byrd and Comcast...any ideas if that is good.</p>

<p>Luckily we see DS about 2-3x a semester and I only work about 45 minutes away (live about 75 minutes away). So I figured dear old Mom would just load him up with frozen chicken breasts, taquitos, pizza and hot pockets when I saw him, and I can run up 1x amonth to take him food shopping. He will not have a car, so going to the grocery store will be a bus only option, that is why I also want him to have some kind of meal option and I think the Terrapin Express would be a better fit.</p>

<p>What is the community center like over there a shoppette in it?</p>

<p>Yeah, there's a shoppette, but it's basically useless...just snack-type stuff, not things for actual grocery shopping. If he wants popcorn or a donut they have that, and a limited amount of microwavable meals (like maybe a couple types of soup or frozen pizza). </p>

<p>I think it's nice that you'll come up to help your son shop. Shopping for food rather than paying for a dining plan will save him a LOT of money. Although he does not have a car and it is annoying to shop by bus, one of his roommates will most likely have a car and be willing to go on group shopping trips. I would give him straight cash on a debit card - not Terrapin Express or Apartment Meal Plan. Terrapin Express actually increases the price of some on-campus food options by 2% in order to reap a "profit" as it is run by an independent company. Of course, you would have to trust your son not to use this cash for things like concert tickets/etc. Perhaps you can monitor his bank statements :). In any case I would encourage him to GROCERY SHOP over eating out/at the diner. Eating out in College Park regularly will put 20 pounds on him in 2 months haha. And ONE meal at the diner can cost 7-10 dollars (3 meals a day is 30 dollars...7 days a week is $210 do the math - that's exaggerated because sometimes we don't eat breakfast/lunch is cheaper/etc. BUT as a chick I do easily go through 100 dollars or more a week at the diner - maybe I eat a lot?).</p>

<p>Living in Leonardtown does kinda suck for a freshman as it might be slightly harder to meet people, especially other freshmen (but it's nice that he has 5 roommates!), but it is technically "nicer" - you get to walk through a prettier part of're closer to the action on Route 1...obviously an apartment>dorm room in terms of comfort. Plus, it's good to get a head start on learning how to feed himself without ballooning or going broke...'cuz every CP student has to do it by their junior yr when they get kicked out of the dorms haha :).</p>

<p>He's going to be a sophomore, so he knows all of his roomies, he just didn't want to live in Centreville again.</p>

<p>Hi. My son will be attending UMCP this Fall , but will be doing the Freshman Connection Program. Have to find housing for him for Fall 2009. Spoke to off-campus housing office and they sugested three apt. buldings houing these students - The Towers , Parkside Apts. and University Club. Saw the first two on a visit last week, but was not able to visit University CLub. Can anyone tell me more about this building? Thanks!</p>

<p>I think you will probably due better with starting a thread about Freshman COnnection housing. Most people that would visit this thread are hitting it for Leonardtown Dorms, which is not the same as what you are discussing. Leonardtown is actually on campus dorms and UMD housing, thus I am not sure you will get as much assistance as if you started your own thread since other folks that have the been there done that can help. SOrry I can't assist, DS lives in Centreville</p>

<p>Thanks. Realized after I posted to this thread that I could not delete my post, so I just asked the same quesiton on a new thread entitled off-campus housing. Then I found out that my son also started a thread of his own for Freshman Connection. Hopefully, we will get responses. Thanks for the advice. Much appreciated.</p>