New Medical School --TCU/UNTHSC--Open for Applications

TCU/UNTHSC SOM opened today. The new --and PRIVATE–MD program is now accepting application through AMCAS. Applications for Fall 2019 will be accepted until. December 15, 2018.

Since the new school is private, it’s is not bound by the 90% in-state rule of other Texas medical schools. OOS applicants are encouraged to apply.

The inaugural class will be 60 students and there is an offer of FREE tuition for the first year.

The school’s emphasis is on humanism in medicine. Pre-reqs include: biochemistry, genetics, statistics, human physiology, English composition, 2 courses in social sciences (psychology, sociology, cultural anthropology, economics, healthcare administration, public policy, public health, family studies, history, social work or behavioral health) and 2 courses in humanities (art, architecture, music, theater, dance, speech & communications, foreign language, philosophy, ethics, gender and women’s studies, religion, literature).

Very odd requirements since they just opened and are expecting students to have taken genetics and physiology, not mandated by anyone else. Is there a cost of attendance beyond year 1? Wonder they are making sure the post baccalaureate program students from UNT are primary targets.

I found stories from January stating the program will have tuition of 60k.

University of Houston will have a starting year of 2020 with 30 students who are fully funded for 4 years of tuition from an anonymous gift of $3 million. They would like to have 50% minority students to support the large minority population in Houston.