New MIT Track Coach

It’s known that MIT’s recruiting is quite dubious, with recruited athletes often getting rejected, and I was wondering if a new coach would have even less pull than the amount of support that coaches have.

It’s not dubious; most MIT coaches are very upfront that they have little pull in admissions, certainly far less than their counterparts down the street.

Will a new coach have even less pull? Possibly, or at least may provide less accurate guidance until they become more familiar with the admissions process.


I wouldn’t assume he’ll have less pull. The biggest difference is probably going to be in the event areas he chooses to emphasize. Taylor was a distance guy; the new coach is coming from a sprints background. I wouldn’t be surprised to see more of a recruiting emphasis on sprints than in the past. But the new coach is experienced enough to get up to speed with the admissions process there and will probably have roughly the same admissions results.

Btw, I think Taylor was usually pretty clear with recruits that he didn’t have slots or anything close to what Ivy coaches have in terms of admissions pull.

It is institutional not a coach issue. Coaches are allowed a limited number of athletes they can support. The support only makes the EC a plus over other EC’s. Different sport (baseball) but the coach there during a OV told my S he had a 50/50 chance with his support (S had 4.0 UW and test scores at the MIT median). Based on the classes he visited and his good friend (1 year his senior) who was on the MIT track team, you are an MIT student first and athlete second. This is not necessarily the case with Ivies and academic D3’s where there are less rigorous majors and classes that athletes can choose (of course not all do, but the options are there).

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Coach Taylor told my D she would only have a 50% chance of admission with his support. He also provided her with his recruiting standards and said if students don’t hit them, they could come out for the team…if they get in on their own. He was very up front.

what would her chance be without coaches’ support?