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<p>Hi, everybody! I know quite a few of you from last year, when my son was going through the recruiting process. I am now a moderator on this forum. Please don't be offended if I edit or delete some posts. We're just trying to make sure that posts comply with the Terms of Service. You can see the TOS if you click on "Help & Rules" under "DISCUSSION MENU" at the left of the screen.</p>

<p>I've continued to lurk here since last year. I enjoy reading about all of the hard-working athletes!</p>


<p>PS - As has been emphasized on this forum many times, make sure athletes will be happy with their school even if they aren't on a team. My son ended up injured and never played on a team at all! You never know what life will throw at you.</p>

<p>^Awww! Hope he's enjoying his time, wherever he is!</p>

<p>Your words to the wise should be underlined. My son, a rising senior, just broke his ankle four weeks ago. With rehab and recovery, its quite likely he will miss the summer elite camps and AAU open period, both key recruiting opportunities. I think this finally got his attention about picking the school first, then the coach and the program.</p>

<p>So sorry for your son, bballdad. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Thank you so much for your detailed insight into the ivy recruiting process.</p>


<p>Congrats on the promotion! I hear they have a great dental, medical and benefits package! Sorry to hear about your son. I hope he had a great academic year.</p>


<p>Also sorry to hear about your son. I hope he heals quickly and he can get in front of some recruiters. Best of luck going forward.</p>

<p>Hi MaineLonghorn!!!</p>

<p>Congrats of the moderator slot. Very happy to have you here.</p>

<p>Shoot, bballdad, I'm sorry to hear it, too. It really was wrenching for my son when he realized he couldn't compete anymore. It threw him into a tailspin that's been hard for him to recover from. If you see any signs of depression or anxiety in your son, make sure you get help for him. We were fortunate that my son noticed he wasn't doing well and asked for help when he did. We are all in awe that he made honors both semesters. We don't know how he did it, especially since he missed some classes the weeks before final exams.</p>

<p>lol on the benefits, fenwaysouth! That would be nice since my husband and I are self-employed!</p>

<p>The cast comes off today. He is hoping that six weeks of rehab and workouts will enable him to play during the July AAU open period (Orlando, regional events etc.). He went on three unofficials on crutches in April and it made for interesting discussions with the coaches. He is fortunate in that his prep school attracts a lot of coaches during the September evaluation period, so all is not lost. He is in the middle of academic and financial aid prereads with his top choice school.</p>

<p>What was interesting was seeing how the injury changed his questions and interaction with the coaches during the unofficials. A lot more focus on what made the school, not just the athletic program, special and right for him. Longer looks at the dorms, library, dining options, interaction with non-athletes. I would not necessarily recommend a broken ankle to all aspiring athletes, but in DS's case, there were some unanticipated benefits.</p>

<p>That's good news! That IS a plus, for him to think that way! I'll be rooting for him. Please keep us posted!</p>

<p>Hi Maine! I'm glad you're our mod- you've always been a voice of wisdom! </p>

<p>Just blow your whistle really loudly if you see something you don't like. </p>

<p>bballdad, so sorry about the injury. A lot can change over the next few years, both in terms of your son's health, and in his interests. Kid do mature and understand the range of options open to them outside of sports, especially if they are forced to look outside of that arena. Not pleasant, but not altogether a bad thing.</p>

<p>Hey, great to hear your voice again-always helpful. </p>

<p>Another reason to pick the school-my s' coach resigned, and he isn't sure what to expect next year. He says he'll give it a shot...</p>

<p>You can hear his/her voice?!?!? Hahaa</p>

<p>I'm a "she." :)</p>

<p>EAsoccer10, can't you hear people's voices on CC? I can, after reading many of their posts!</p>

<p>Right, I am not always calm and modulated. But quick to riposte.</p>