new movies

<p>A friend wants to go to the movies tomorrow. What new movies are good?
I can't see The Help with her since my bookclub is going the following week.</p>

<p>My son, daughter, and I all liked Captain America. Cowboys and Aliens - wow, violent! I can't say I didn't like and I can't say I did. As my daughter said: Let me think about it awhile - definitely not a blanket recommendation on that one.</p>

<p>I've heard Midnight in Paris is good, but only shows at select theaters here.</p>

<p>Friends With Benefits got good reviews. I second Midnight in Paris if you can find it.</p>

<p>Also loved Midnight in Paris . Enjoyed it alot -love Owen Wilson. Also Friends with Benefits was good-Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis were cute together.</p>

<p>I hear The Help is great and follows the book very well. I loved the book and am always afraid a movie will ruin a good book!</p>

<p>Midnight in Paris is very well done, and I also enjoyed Crazy, Stupid, Love. It was very, very funny with a plot twist that I did NOT see coming.</p>

<p>teriwtt, I loved the Hemingway character in Midnight in Paris. Crazy,Stupid,Love sounds like a great suggestion. We saw Friends with Benefits(and did really enjoy) because my sister and I had just missed the start time for Crazy,Stupid,Love when we got to the theater.</p>

<p>Friends with Benefits is no longer playing in our area. My friend has already seen Midnight in Paris. Crazy,Stupid, Love is playing at several theatres so maybe I will suggest that one.</p>

<p>Anyone seen Sarah's Key?</p>

<p>Midnight in Paris is my favorite movie of the past several summers. Somehow it was the first Woody Allen film one of my ds had seen - she loved it, too. Owen Wilson was excellent, and I loved both the Hemingway and the Salvador Dali characters. Adrien Brody should give a class on how to steal a movie in one 3-minute scene.</p>

<p>Have not seen Sarah's Key, but I did just finish the book about three nights ago and really enjoyed it.</p>

<p>I did watch "Midnight in Paris" and didn't get bored and had some laughs too but it was not something that can become a favorite.</p>

<p>May go to see "The Help" tonight. Will report back.</p>

<p>I saw The Help Wednesday when it opened. Will reserve publicly stating my opinion until more people have seen it!</p>

<p>Watched Crazy movie this morning, it was pretty good. I am watching Friends now.</p>

<p>Oops, forgot... I also saw Horrible Bosses and thought it was pretty funny.</p>

<p>Really enjoyed Bridesmaids, too!</p>

<p>DD just texted that she liked the book better than the movie "The Help" but also said it was good.</p>

<p>Half way through Bridesmaids. I am not enjoying it. It is everything about girlfriends which I hate. The main character is just whining and being difficult.</p>

<p>oldfort - I think what held our attention is the location. Since we live about halfway between Chicago and Milwaukee, and do go up to Wisconsin often enough, we found the whole Wisconsin State Patrol thing hilarious. No kidding, this summer we've made no less than a dozen trips up to WI, and we've seen as many as eight State Patrol cars between the state line and Milwaukee. We joke that it would be nice if one of those Scottish Wisconsin State Patrol cops pulled one of our daughters over!</p>

<p>saw crazy stupid love....not laugh out loud funny the whole way through but well done, ryan gosling was especially good</p>

<p>cars 2 was disappointing</p>

<p>want to see winnie the pooh</p>