New or Old Account?

<p>I applied to UCI and UCSD for the fall quarter of 2011 and was rejected. I'm currently taking a gap year and will be applying to the UCs again. Should I create a new account? My old account has all my previously submitted application, and my SAT was extremely low -- 1460. I will be taking the SAT again and the ACT. Should I create a new account? Would my previous information place me at a disadvantage? </p>


<p>I believe all you old information is wiped out when the common app renews in August so your old account may actually be gone. Have you checked? Otherwise, I would make a new account.</p>

<p>Oops, sorry, it's not the Common Application. It's the University of California's own application system. Sorry for not making it clear.</p>

<p>They will almost certainly still have your file regardless of whether you create a new account.</p>