New Orleans Bars & Clubs

<p>Hey! im coming into NOLA on the 29th to visit tulane. im staying at a hostel in the garden district & heres a few quesitons i have. obviously i want to go out and experience the french quarter nightlife. do NOLA bars/clubs allow 18 year olds into their establishments just to come in, not to drink? I heard they were pretty chill about that...but if we are allowed in, how easy is it to get some drinks?? are they card-harders or more lax? what clubs/bars would you recommend; i only got one night to go out so this is my chance! help me out, thanks!!</p>

<p>four words:</p>

<p>drive through daiquiri bars</p>

<p>any city with those...isn't going to care if your not 21.</p>

<p>99.999% of the bars are 18+, except for Pat O'Briens in the french quarter (21+) and Bruno's like 1/2 mile from the campus. (19+.)
It's not as easy as one would think to get alcohol. AT the boot though on campus, on a crowded night, just wish upon a magic star and a beer rewards you with no extra effort.
(So easy)
HOwever, other bars are a littl eharder to get drinks (I'm not much of ad rinker myself but my friends tag me along haha.) You HAVE to go on a semi-crowded night and try to either have a fake (which I don't endorse) or get someone to buy you drinks that has one...Or else you'll get caught (like my friend did) and end up getting a fine . lol. It's not quite as easy as one would make it out to be. sO be CAREFUL!!</p>

<p>You can get in the bars, but you can not buy alcohol. In 99% of the bsars you will be asked for an ID.
Now, you are obviously younger than 18, so go have CLEAN, SOBER fun in New Orleans.</p>