New Paltz.....t shirt?

<p>Did everyone get a t shirt today, or just those who paid the deposit and registered for orientation like my son did? Nice touch New Paltz.</p>

<p>We didn't get a shirt :( But my S has one anyway from a previous visit.</p>

<p>Lilymoon, is your son going to New Paltz? My son just made his deposit and registered for orientation as a freshman. We visited in October. We are also going for accepted students day April 5.</p>

<p>ddotjon, my son was accepted as a transfer student. He is actually planning on visiting this week to make a final decision about whether he will attend. I think he also plans on going to accepted students day.</p>

<p>What did you think of the school when you visited? What is your son's major?</p>

<p>His major is undecided, possibly secondary ed/math. We visited back in September 2007. We both liked the campus. The new gym looks beautiful. The campus seems well kept, small enough to be managable, even in cold weather. He has a friend who is a sophomore, who says New Paltz is great. His description is "everthing just works well. He has no issues." The town looks nice, easily walked to from campus. I am a little concerned about the drug element on campus. I know it is on all campuses, but why is New Paltz in the top ten campuses of High Times magazine?</p>

<p>ddotjon - I sent you a PM.</p>

<p>Congrats ddotjon! My d is a freshmen at NP and loves it. We were concerned aobut the drug issue as well, but as she says, some do and some don't. If you want to be in that environment it's there, but she doesn't feel is something that is overwhelming. She chooses not to and has made loads of great friends and gone to lots of parties etc without feeling uncomfortable at all.
You should definitely plan on attending the summer orientation. They do an outstanding job with the kids and parents. My husband and I stayed in the dorm, he was alittle hestitant, but afterwards we were soooo glad that we did it. The program is really great!</p>

<p>Vahevale, thanks for the info. It's nice to be reassured of his decision. I did sign him up for orientation, but not us. I was thinking that not too many parents would attend. Also, not sure if I could take off from work for the 3 days and also have 2 smaller kids to consider. I kinda wanted it to be a test so to speak, weekend for him without us, to see what it might be like for him. How he manages and all that. Any other input from your daughter and you would be appreciated. We have heard mixed reviews regarding FYE. Some kids love it, some say Don't do it. What about dorms? Do you choose at orientation a preference, or are they assigned. Bliss looked nice to us when we visited. Across from the new gym, Bliss' location seems good.</p>

<p>I got a t-shirt, but I am definitely not attending.</p>

<p>As far as the orientation goes, they do separate the kids from parents and have a totally different program. The parents went to Mohonk Mt, a winery and to Hugonaut St, as well as having presentations just for parents. We didn't even see her until the last night at dinner. At that time she had made her schedule, so it was nice to be able to review it with her before it was final. I don't think they choose dorms, but they could choose who they would like for roommate at orientation if they met someone who they "clicked" with or a friend from home. D lives in Lenape. It's nice because it's new and clean and AC. but further away, and she says not as "social" as the other dorms. She wants a suite next year. She did not do the FYI. She has said it seems like the kids who did that are more secluded, or separate from the other freshmen. I liked having her in Lenape this year so she could settle in to the work load. Her BF is in the one by the dining hall and it supposedly "party central"!</p>

<p>I got the T-shirt and I haven't decided yet (sooo wrinkled and big by the way). Of the three schools I applied to, SUNY New Paltz seems to be the only school that sends me stuff, which actually makes a bit of a difference even if it may seem superficial and gimmicky. They also accepted me quick (before Xmas), and considering my not so great GPA, it was quite exciting. I think being out of state helped, but SUNY is the cheapest of the schools I'm considering (even instate Rutgers).</p>