New Paltz University Admission

<p>Hello CC!! first time posting but long time lurker.
Im really looking into going to New Paltz University because it just looks amazing and i like everything about it. The thing is, i did not so well my freshman and softmore years of highschool and i regret it so much. I wish i can go back in time and make myself try harder. I got about 85 average both years and now, in junior year i finally woke up and realized i need to do well and got upto about 92 avg and hopefully higher this term. On the PSAT i got around 500 on each part and im looking to increase that by atleast 150 on the SAT. I dont play any sports but ive been president of a club for 2 years and do mock trial ( if these things matter). Also, im looking to volunteering at a library soon. My question for you guys is do you think i have a good chance of getting into New Paltz? If not, what else can i do to increase my chances. Thank you!</p>

<p>bump! help please</p>