New plans for the future.

<p>Hello. My name is Steven, and I am new to CollegeConfidential.</p>

<p>Last year, I graduated from high school. Now, I am at a community college.</p>

<p>When I graduated from my high school, I had a grade point average of 3.0. I currently now have a 3.2 at my community college.</p>

<p>I am a liberal arts major, and I'd to transfer to a four-year college. I want to earn a bachelor's degree in Fine Arts. Then, I'd like to earn a doctorate degree in Fine Arts. I feel confident in myself, and I am determined to do this. </p>

<p>Where could I actually earn my doctorate degree in Fine Art. What would be an ideal school? I need some help here on that. Thank you.</p>

<pre><code> Steven G.

<p>isn’t it a little early to figure out where you want to get your doctorate degree? Do you even know where you want to get your bachelor’s degree?</p>

<p>You don’t even know where you’re going to get you Bachelors yet. It’s a bit too early to start planning where you’re going to get your doctorate.</p>

<p>Your interests may change drastically over the next few years, so I wouldn’t worry about where to get the PhD yet - maybe look into what obtaining a PhD in that field will require, and what job options you have aside from teaching, but don’t worry about a particular school. Once you get further along in your program you will start to hear about certain schools and start talking to your profs about it. Until then, look at getting into the best 4-year art program that you can. Building a strong portfolio will be very important, so that should be where your focus is at.</p>

<p>I want to attend Kean University after I complete two years at my community college.</p>

<p>I have talked about this extensively with my family, counselors, and other members from my local community college.</p>

<p>So, I have a developed plan that will interest me. Has been a personal goal since I first began high school.</p>

<p>I felt very much the same for years - and then I graduated college and decided I did not want to pursue a PhD in social psychology. I had considered other fields, but I do not suggest making your plan so steadfast as not to allow the flexibility of developing other interests. </p>

<p>What is your career goal? Teaching at a university? I’m not familiar with Kean, but there are graduate school search sites where you can skim over schools that have a doctorate program in the fine arts. However, you cannot just pick a school based on prestige - you will, over the next few years, develop particular interests within the fine arts, and you will need to narrow down a list of doctorate programs that have a focus in that particular area. You might be interested in the Baroque period, or a particular artist, or particular techniques, and which graduate school you attend will depend heavily on how closely your interests match those of your prospective advisor.</p>