New SAT essay

So I recently took the new SAT in March and I got an essay score I was quite happy with, however my reading/writing score was below my goal so I want to take the test again in June. I was wondering if the essay score is separate from the composite score or if I need to take the essay again (I’d prefer not to).

The essay is separate from the composite score. So even if the composite score was not as good as you would’ve liked, your essay will not be affected!

I am not certain, but I am pretty sure you have to take the essay again. If you end up doing well this time (happy with your score), you can’t submit the old essay, therefore you have to make sure you take the essay again. I hope I helped, by the way, you could always ask your counselor or college board.

On the new SAT, the essay is optional. Just don’t take the essay, man, and send all your scores in.

Colleges aren’t really looking at essay scores this year, anyway… so don’t sweat it!