New Scholarship info for class of 2021

Looks like Bama has opened admission and scholarship information for class of 2021. Looks like ACT/SAT are going to be accepted through the end of February.

Thanks @Dudewith2 When you say “opened admission” does that mean accepting applications for fall 2021?

So glad they push back the date for ACT/SAT for scholarships!!!

Hey @Dudewith2 we were in Huntsville last week to check out the city and then walked the campus at BAMA (was not open then) Loved Huntsville for a place to live for D. She loved the trees and greenery, looks like a cool city. She plans to major in EE and go to BAMA (if she can get Prez Elite) or Mississippi State.

@1Lotus, based on the email my daughter received, and what I see on the web site, it looks like the admissions are now open. @TVBingeWatcher2, good luck with the universities. My D is interested in a true Advertising major, and Bama is her solid first choice. However, with her desire to continue involvement in color guard, Mississippi State is on her short lists of secondary choices.

@Dudewith2 Thanks! @TVBingeWatcher2 Do you know if Huntsville is accepting apps or updates with auto merit?

@1Lotus their website does not show update for our 2021 hs grad kids.

And @Dudewith2 best of luck to your D too.

Does anyone know what the amount for the Graham Family Endowed Scholarship is?

My 2021 daughter just got admitted and notified that she got $24,000 Out of state tuition scholarship. Her ACT is 31 and her GPA is 3.96 unweighted.