New (school) year resolutions

<p>It's that time again...back to school!</p>

<p>I'm starting my second year, and there are definitely some things I want to do differently from last year.</p>

<li>Have more fun - I had fun last year, don't get me wrong, but I can definitely increase the fun factor.</li>
<li>Understand homework while I do it, instead of waiting a few days before a test to learn the material.</li>
<li>Go out more (relates to #1)</li>
<li>Stick to a study schedule for more than a week.</li>
<li>Read at least one "fun" book per week.</li>
<li>Clean my room at least twice a week.<br></li>
<li>Be more outgoing. (also relates to #1)</li>

<p>What will you be changing or concentrating on?</p>

<p>Oh I need this. School year resolutions? Great idea. I'm a rising freshman at UCI, so lots of changes and preemptive striking. Here goes:</p>

<li>Get out more and get involved. Parents don't really let me out much, so that's something I'm gonna change.</li>
<li>Do my homework early, so I don't pull any all-nighters.</li>
<li>Have a set study time every day.</li>
<li>Eat healthy and exercise </li>
<li>Talk to the professors</li>
<li>Be more outgoing</li>
<li>Have fun! I've been waiting a long time to go to college, and I'm gonna make the most of it!</li>

<p>Second year.</p>

<li>Get all As/A-s like Spring '11 or at least 3 As and 2 Bs like Fall '10</li>
<li>Get admitted into my uni's business school so I can officially major in business</li>
<li>Land a well-paying summer internship, if not then I'll probably do summer school again to get ahead more. Wanna graduate early if possible.</li>
<li>Try to have more of a social life. Probably won't happen but at least I can say I tried.</li>
<li>Get a girlfriend (see number 4)</li>
<li>Keep losing weight till I reach my target, and being healthy</li>
<li>Join a couple more clubs</li>
<li>Practice my bass a LOT more</li>

<p>My one resolution is to join some clubs and societies and get out more and have more fun.</p>

<li>Be better organized this year.</li>
<li>Get at least an A- in my honors college class.</li>
<li>Get above a 3.5 both semesters.</li>
<li>Spend more time with my sisters and friends.</li>
<li>Worry a lot less in general.</li>
<li>Try out for top choir and be okay if I don't get in.</li>
<li>Practice piano more.</li>
<li>Start researching music therapy programs.</li>

<p>I think I've covered most of everything I want to do this year.</p>

<li> Take academics more serious. Last year there was too much internet/chilling and less studying.<br></li>
<li> Raise my overall GPA from here on out.</li>
<li> Not let irrelevant people/things bother me. Irrelevancy doesn't need to be addressed nor acknowledged.</li>
<li> Be more positive and optimistic.</li>
<li> Continue to learn more about myself and grow.</li>

<li> I want to make a lot of friends and be more comfortable in social situations.</li>
<li>I want to challenge myself academically and succeed. I signed up for chemistry and biology for next year to do this.</li>
<li>I want to get involved in campus early and join a lot of different clubs (sports, choir, career-oriented, etc.)</li>
<li>I want to find out what I want to do in life.</li>

<p>Another rising freshman here!</p>

<li>Exercise a few times a week</li>
<li>Study at least a little bit every day</li>
<li>Meet all deadlines no matter what</li>
<li>Join at least 2 on-campus organizations</li>
<li>Make new friends</li>
<li>Get to know some cute guys</li>
<li>Decide on a minor so I can start planning to take classes towards it</li>
<li>Make connections with professionals in my career field</li>
<li>Have fun/not sit on the internet all day</li>
<li>Don't be afraid to be my geeky self ^_^</li>

<p>Win an IM Championship.</p>

<p>@ 27dreams
You sound like me! D:</p>

<li>Keep my partying in check at college and only go crazy at "home".</li>
<li>Study, study, study!</li>
<li>Get a 4.0.</li>
<li>Try everything.</li>
<li>Have fun!</li>

<p>I am also about to be a freshman!</p>

<li><p>Be better organized in general with all of my assignments, work and internship duties.</p></li>
<li><p>Get as close to a 4.0 as possible.</p></li>
<li><p>Take a French course.</p></li>
<li><p>Learn to play beer pong.</p></li>
<li><p>Make new, good friends.</p></li>

<p>Mine's going to sound similar to inNeedOfPencils and 27dreams.
I'm a rising freshman as well :)</p>

<li><p>Study, study, study! I'm going to try to stick to a routine of studying a little bit every single day until I fully understand the material. In HS I always procrastinated on reviewing for tests, doing projects, and writing essays. I guess being under pressure worked for me all those years, but things are going to change :) Less stress!</p></li>
<li><p>Go out! Have fun, go on adventures, get crazy, experience new things. I need a better, busier social life. Whenever I'm bored I always hop on FB, YT, Y!A, or CC for hours and I always feel lazy for it.</p></li>
<li><p>Work out. I've never stepped foot into an actual workout gym because I always thought I didn't need to. I'm petite, but I could use some toning haha.</p></li>
<li><p>Be more outgoing.</p></li>
<li><p>Make lots of good friends!</p></li>
<li><p>Join clubs</p></li>
<li><p>Become well acquainted with my professors.</p></li>
<li><p>**Wake up earlier<a href="That%20won't%20be%20a%20problem%20thanks%20to%20my%208AM%20Chem%20lectures">/b</a> than I usually do on blah days and sleep earlier as well. (But idk how that's going to happen in a triple ...)</p></li>

<li>Be more outgoing. Party harder, be more social, go out a lot more!</li>
<li>Procrastinate a LOT less. Study, study, study.</li>
<li>Get a job! And make / save some mula! :P</li>
<li>Lose some weight! Exercise, eat wayyy better.<br></li>

<p>^ Basically, what Jen said. LOL</p>

<p>Sign up for classes.</p>

<p>I'm an incoming freshman too :)</p>

<li>HAVE A SLEEPOVER. This probably isn't a big deal to most people, but I've never been to a sleep over (paranoid parents) and I've always really wanted to.</li>
<li>Get a job. This would be my first job, so I guess I should add...</li>
<li>Survive work.</li>
<li>Gain weight.</li>
<li>Survive 17/maybe 18 credit hours.</li>
<li>Maintain a healthy long distance relationship (despite all odds)</li>
<li>Find a good friend to take me home for a normal turkey day Thanksgiving :)</li>

<p>Well, I want college to start out well, so:
1. Keep going to the gym and eating well (six pack!)
2. Make plenty of time for studying, even if it means missing other events.
3. Go out and have fun (when time allows), create a huge social circle, and network.
4. Rush, it could be fun, and you might find a fraternity you like.
5. Try to talk to your professors, never know when it'll come in handy.
6. Don't be such a lazy bastard in the mornings - wake up and shower earlier, especially on the weekends.
7. Grow up a little, and try changing your wardrobe up a bit.</p>

<p>school. internship. don't **** around unless it's on the weekends. try to get a job, but probably not since it would interfere with fun and school.</p>

<p>oh and i'm entering my third year. and i'm also in a long distance relationship but we've agreed to keep it open. we've both agreed it's unfair otherwise.</p>

<p>Dabble in witchcraft and experiment with polygamy</p>

<p>My main resolution is to sleep earlier and wake up earlier. I have been doing great with it this summer, but I don't have temptations such as partying or hanging out either.

<li> Get homework/ studying done so I don't feel tempted to pull an all-nighter. (which I generally did 1-2 times per/week last year)</li>
<li> Fight temptations to stay up late and possibly calm down party-wise.</li>