New Site Idea

<p>alright guys I have this "kinda sad/pathetic" but helpful idea for the millions of juniors/sophomores/seniors taking SAT. if anyone is interested reply and give suggestions.</p>

Create a site where people can come and WITHOUT RESTRICTIONS post up helpful things (student to student based - not kaplan/princeton review esque)
for example MATH CALC PROGRAMS/ GRAMMAR LISTS/ CR Strategies and anything else viable to beat the NEW SAT. Input from high SAT scorers would be generated and those still on that trail to achieving that high score will be grateful.</p>

<p>any comments suggestions...appreciated =)
PS: If anyone has any dedicated hosting connections (not that free bull) reply or email me at "merudh @ gmail . com"</p>

<p>What would you like to see that's not available here? What kind of restrictions annoy you?</p>

<p>its just like all over the place...the stuff on this site. just a better way to organzie and these are forums so you can't post like files or pdfs etc.</p>

<p>Merudh123, I hope you realize that most material IS protected by copyright laws. You cannot reproduce strategies, programs, and lists without the consent of the original authors. This means that the overwhelming majority of your material will have to be original in scope and contents, or in other words, you will have to write most of it yourself, and this without borrowing someone else's work and organization. Authors tend to be a bit more lenient toward an occasional violation in a forum than they would be on a hosted web site. </p>

<p>If that was not enough of a deterrent, please consider the bandwidth costs of hosting a reasonably successful site. There are no free lunches, but the cost of hosting a site could eat yours in no time flat!</p>

<p>$20 says this thread is deleted by the end of the night.</p>

<p>Yeah, I used to pay $200/mo for hosting, it gets really expensive. Someone would have to have their own. It wold be easier if everything that could be requested was posted in a single topic in here, and anybody requesting any files could get them sent by e-mail.</p>

<p>Why not? I don't have anything better to do right now.</p>

<p>Will be located here: <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Note: I will slowly post and sticky the useful info once I finish making forums.</p>

<p>A skeleton of forums is now up.</p>

<p>I'm now posting useful resources.</p>

<p>In the SAT section, I've included a link to a page where you can find tables on how SAT and ACT scores compare.</p>

<p>good man, alright well in response to other concerns (Disregarding bandwith) the material will only be posted if its original and the author has consented to posting. I myself have a lot of original material and I hope others who are fortunate enough to be in the higher SAT percentiles give their input to those who are still trying to achieve better scores.</p>

<p>if there is any other concern about this, please do comment.</p>

<p>PS: The bandwith issue is something that can be taken care of with a little bit of mullah and dedication.</p>

<p>hey good job on starting the forum, we might be able to make something work. im me on aim, mvplivinlarge</p>

<p>I signed up for your forum by the way.</p>


<p>sign up for the site above</p>