New "Social Life" oriented thread geared towards prospective class of 2022 members


I could not find any helpful and recent threads for discussing the social scene at Rhodes College. As a potential class of 2022 member, I know there are many out there like me wanting to know more about the college’s social scene. If you are currently a student or just graduated, we would love for you to voice your opinion! Discuss anything social life related.

One thing I would like to know in particular is are there many different kinds of undergraduate students on campus or is the student body relatively homogeneous? Also, is the social atmosphere very “work hard, play hard” oriented or can students have friend groups that like to have mellow fun as well? Is the only way to enjoy the social scene to attend frat parties or go to bars in the city? How prevalent is alcohol? How prevalent are recreational drugs (marijuana in particular)? How prevalent are more hardcore drugs? Is there peer pressure to partake in drugs/alcohol use? In your opinion, does the small size of the school offer more benefits or negatives? Lastly, and very important, is there peer pressure to dress homogeneously or be “skinny”?