New Students Entering UD in Spring 2016 (Non-DC students)

As it now looks like the Fall waitlist acceptances unfortunately are not going to happen I thought it might be useful to start a thread of students who still have decided to start attending UD in the Spring of 2016 (non-DC students). If so, why did you decide to do this, what is your major, and what are you planning to do in the Fall semester before you start at UD?

I thought I would bump this up now that we have heard that UD will unfortunately not be taking in any students off the waitlist for the Fall 2015 semester.

I heard rumor there may be about 100 spring admits that are NOT DC program and are NOT part of the Rome Scholars program. Maybe some will post here to start a network among that group.

My D will be attending UD in the spring of 2016 . For the fall, she is planning on taking courses as a non-matriculated student at a local college although we are still exploring ways that she can be at UD taking classes this fall. The biggest obstacle is finding off campus housing that doesn’t require a 12 month lease. There are some sublet options but she would really prefer to live with freshmen in the same situation as her. Is anyone else considering this/exploring this option? Please feel free to message me if interested in discussing further.

Is there such an option? My daughter is doing the DE in DC program…if they can find housing they can take classes at UD newark?

You can only take courses as a Continuing Education Student as a non-matriculated student thru UD’s Professional and Continuing Studies Department. The following is from the website:

"You can register for University of Delaware undergraduate and graduate credit classes as a Continuing Education student simply by completing registration forms and paying the appropriate tuition. Courses offered in the evening, off-campus, and through distance learning may be of particular interest to Continuing Education students, but all students may register for day-time courses as well.

Admission to the University of Delaware is competitive. Taking courses as a Continuing Education student before you apply for admission can strengthen your application. Click here to explore the University’s degrees, majors, and requirements.

Some courses may have restricted enrollment. Any prerequisites or restrictions are listed with the course description. Typically, Continuing Education students may register for up to 7 credits (2 courses) per semester."

So it does not appear that you could not take a full course load this way for a semester.

As Dr. Wallen states, “Typically, Continuing Education students may register for up to 7 credits (2 courses) per semester.” Exceptions have been made in the up to 7 credits per semester. Cross registering at Delaware Tech CC is also an option. A large number of classes at Del Tech CC have already been approved for transfer to UD and they offer a number of classes on-line.

I guess it’s something to think about. Thanks for the info.

Is anyone else’s daughter or son starting UD in the spring semester (non-DC/World scholars) or have they all opted to attend another college? I’m just curious how many other students will be starting in the spring with my D.

I thought it might be interesting to bump this up now that the dust has settled from the disappointment that no students would be accepted off of the waitlist for fall and students have made more definite plans for the fall. My D will be taking 5 classes at our local state university (as a non-matriculated student!) this fall and heading to UD in the Spring. We plan to go to a football game at UD this fall - either homecoming or parents weekend, if other spring admits would like to meet up. Also, do any spring admits plan to attend Welcome Days (August 29-31)?

I feel your D has a great plan to prepare herself to start at UD in the Spring. IMHO taking 5 courses in the Fall is a great way to keep her study habits/skills on par to best prepare her to start full-steam at UD in the Spring. Hopefully other students starting in the Spring will also do the same thing. Looking at it from as positive a perspective as possible at least this plan will probably save her some money and still allow her to graduate with her class in 2019.

I was not aware that Spring admits were eligible to attend the Welcome Days in August. Is this the case? Going to some football games is a great idea on either (or both) Parents Weekend and Homecoming. Having attended both in the past perhaps Parents weekend might be a little more helpful (especially if you are allowed to sign up for the parents activities that are available - again, do you know if this is allowed?). I found Homecoming to be a little more “rowdy” (but not excessively so) but also was enjoyable. Attending either certainly would give you an opportunity to sample some of the restaurants on Main Street or possibly to try and sample some of the Dining Halls (you can pay for meals at the dining halls even if you are not a current student - they won’t turn away cash).

Good luck to your D and everyone in her family. Based upon her apparent high level of motivation and excellent preparatory actions I feel she will make a fine addition to the student body at UD. She is making an excellent lemonade form the bucket of lemons she initially had to deal with in having to wait to start at UD in the Spring. I tip my hat to her.

Thank you Dr. Wallen, I really appreciate your reply and you shared some very helpful information (Parents vs. Homecoming weekend). It is certainly not the road we would have chosen for her but we have to believe there is a reason that it is happening this way.

I believe it was staff in the Orientation office that told me there is no registration for Welcome Days, so she could attend. The challenge is that she starts her college courses here on August 26th, so she won’t be able to attend Welcome Days in its entirety, if she decides to attend at all.

Thank you again for replying to my post and for all the posts that you reply to, the information you share has been extremely helpful!