<p>OKAY guys. apparntly quix and aj's theory did NOT work, as proved in the thread.. "experiment to test the theory"</p>

<p>SO. I looked at the status things posted on the Experiment To Test Theory page...</p>


"Received grades we requested," no admissions decision yet:
glass eyes
rodney's d (annenberg)</p>

<p>Groups below all are being reviewed by the admissions committee:</p>

<p>Status updated week of 2/6, no admissions decision yet:
elizabethh's D

<p>Status updated week of 2/12, no admissions decision yet:
TrojanLove 13
Petrels D</p>

<p>Status updated week of 2/18, no admissions decision yet:
lastofthepirates (film transfer)

<p>Status updated week of 2/25, no admissions decision yet:
aj16 (international)

<p>Status updated week of 3/3, no admissions decision yet:
kaorj [admitted 3/15]
leticia [admitted 3/15]
Nickel Xenon
rainmama's son (film)
shadekeiko (film)
suenos53 (film)
southernbelle [admitted 3/15]
timely's S (film)</p>

<p>Status updated week of 3/10, no admissions decision yet:
collegeboundx2's S (film)
coolrena8 (film)
elisaxbanana [admitted 3/15]
groovy geek
lynn4eva (international)
S33D (international)
azhao's friend [admitted 3/15 Marshall]</p>

<p>And finally,</p>

<p>madbean's S: no message ever/status last updated: 12/1; accepted to SCA 1/26
Mom MD's D: error message, meaning status is changing


<p>By the looks of it, I believe that if your status changed to "being reviewed" in the week of 3/3 and 3/10, it means you are either accepted by receving a package either last friday (3/14) or around monday (3/17).</p>

<p>Knowing USC does not send rejections till the very end, however, I believe that all those that don't... is.. unfortunately, rejected. :T</p>

<p>This also include the status changed people in Feb. </p>

<p>*Sorry to maybe have crushed your hopes, but this is just MY theory. Please don't flame me for it. *</p>

<p>Also, for the currently on Mid-Year Received ones.. (including myself).. you guys can go either way in terms of accpetance or rejection. It's as simple as that they haven't gotten to us yet. Eventually, we would also be changed to "reviewing" and also get our decisions.. However, unfortunately for us, our decisons will come along with all the rejections.. so we don't know if we are accepted or rejected until the very end. (at least according to my theory)</p>

<p>I just believe that what I'm thinking is right since if you look at the box above, you can see that everyone that got decisions in 3/15 had their status change [to reviewing] in the week of 3/3 or 3/10.. According to another thread, USC released decisions first for the scholarship people, then on 2/29, then 3/15, then finally 4/1. This just makes sense to me that if you didn't get on those release dates but have already gotten the status change before that, then you're rejected. :T</p>

<p>Good luck to all though! I sincerely hope my theory isn't right so I can see all of you hard working kids get in to USC and lead a happy and fulfilling life!</p>

<p>New theory is that there is no theory. Period</p>

<p>Hey its " ajay's " theory not " aj's " .....dont want people to get confused u know,...</p>

<p>Or maybe they changed status when they felt like it or when they got you? For all we know, they got way behind on updating and just got around to you when they did. xD</p>

<p>lol i really dont think there is a theory, people just need to wait it out!</p>

<p>I bet the admissions office people are sitting in front of a computer laughing at us. "They'll never figure it out! Bwahaha!"</p>

<p>hahah this is getting ridiculous how hard we are all trying to bust the USC admissions system... well, since im a USC stalker... is this good!?</p>

<p>Your application is being reviewed by the admission committee. We will mail notification of their decision by April 1. If for some reason you don't receive our written notice, we will be happy to provide the results over the phone beginning April 11th.</p>

<p>Status last updated: 3/10/2008 9:58:16 PM</p>

<p>I bet the admissions office people are sitting in front of a computer laughing at us. "They'll never figure it out! Bwahaha!"</p>

<p>hahahahahahaha that's definitely true</p>

<p>the last three posts made me laugh so much. It's actually really funny when you step back a little. </p>

<p>My status changed to "being reviewed" on 3/7 or so, but it still says "last updated 1/11" like it has since it changed to "completed a prelim review." Is that normal?</p>

<p>You know, I don't think that they're laughing. At least my daughter's admission officer sent her an email one night at 11pm asking her a question regarding her application. Early the next morning he followed up with another question. He also mentioned that he is working like crazy on the admissions process and that it will be a relief when the selection is completed. He seemed very conscientious and concerned about giving each applicant his or her best shot to get in. We were impressed.</p>

<p>Oh, I'm sure they're working super hard. But I bet they find it funny at the very least how hard we're trying to crack their system, if they even have one. xD I bet they've never seen such a conspiracy filled class before.</p>

<p>well, if they have the time of their days, they would maybe find this funny. lol</p>

<p>i just hope that they don't get so frustrated till the end that they dont even wanna admit neone else nemore D:</p>

<p>i'm hoping there is no theory, but seeing the pattern of the people getting in, i just can't help but posting it xD</p>

<p>we really should stop coming up with these theories...esp now that its clear that there is no pattern. nothing we can do about it now...everything is gonna come out 3/28.</p>

<p>good luck everyone!</p>

<p>I FIGURED IT OUT!!!</p>

<p>Take the last 4 digits of your phone number, multiply by the first 3 numbers of your SS number, subtract your USC ID#, add the product of your birthday month and day, and divide by pi.</p>

<p>The people with the lowest numbers get notified first. :P</p>

<p>omg really???</p>

<p>rofl sjwilson</p>

<p>on a side not, i wonder how many people actually tried that -_-</p>

<p>sjwilson you genius! That's the obvious pattern. How everyone missed that is beyond me. ^_~</p>

<p>home phone number? lol i tried it just for kicks... mine's really low! so i should hear back soon! </p>

<p>haha actulally mine was extremely negative at -24824671043.6</p>

<p>good formula</p>

<p>if you got a negative number, it means ur rejected.</p>

<p>yeap. deal with it. life is hard.</p>