New thread for 3.0-3.3 students

<p>Im reading the other threads about 3.3 students which caught my eye because I have one.
Very confusing with the weighted and the unweighted notations in the websites. These web sites for colleges usually say gpa as adjusted by whatever school.<br>
My daughter has a 3.3 unweighted and a t 4.17 weighted. She is a Junior top 16% of 800 in class. She has taken only 3 classes during the 3 years that are not honors, AP or AICE. So Im assuming that her GPA would be computed by a college as somewhere between the 3.3 and 4.17.</p>

<p>She has her heart set on UF or FSU, low 1800's on her sat's first time and has not taken the ACT yet. She has lots of ec's, a few clubs, national honor society, intern at local hospital for 2 summers and works about 20 hours a week. </p>

<p>Does she have a chance of getting into either of these schools or should I push her in a different direction. She wants to stay in florida as she will have a bright futures scholarship to pay her tuition and wants to use mommies money for grad school She is looking at a nursing program.</p>

<p>Thoughts please?</p>