New thread.

<p>wooooohooooo new thread. yeeeehawwwww</p>

<p>Are you waiting to hear about an audition slot, lol?</p>

<p>haha, it's a good way to get post counts up at least....</p>

<p>Does anyone know how long the audition takes?</p>

<p>Instrumental audition wasn't too long. Maybe 15-20 minutes. S was taken up to a warmup room maybe 30 minutes before audition time. He played one concerto (his choice, up to and including cadenza, then was stopped), then they asked him some questions based on his application -- they seemed to have basic facts or resume in front of them at least, then he was asked to play one of the excerpts from his list (they picked it, not him.) This was a couple years ago. </p>

<p>Also, he got to rehearse with the pianist briefly the night before.</p>

<p>His instrument had only one round - no prescreening or callbacks. </p>

<p>Obviously will be different for theater or dance applicants.</p>

<p>mmm foreign student.. from Chile does anyone knows if i get there.. live with someone else in ny as resident will be a internatinal student as well? cuz my intention is live there just for study there. not as a american or yeah but... can anyone understand?? haha sorry. my english kind of bad..</p>

<p>La VaLe Po!!</p>

<p>im very new to this and want to start a new thread! how!</p>