New to CC- Chance me please :D BU, UDel, NE

<p>Hey guys I'm brand new to this so I was wondering if anyone could chance me for Boston University, Northeastern University, and UDel!</p>

<p>About me:</p>

<p>Junior at a public high school in a Northern New Jersey suburb (20 min from NYC)</p>

<p>I am a Jewish, white male</p>

<p>Freshman year: No APs, 4.0 GPA in all above-level classes, wrote for the school paper, worked the school snack stand, had a part-time job </p>

<p>Sophomore: No APs, 4.0 GPA in all above-level classes, Treasurer of class, Peer Leader, wrote for the school newspaper, part-time job</p>

<p>Junior: 4.1 GPA with 2 AP classes (AP Gov and AP Stat), member of the National Honor Society, volunteer my lunch to help autistic kids, school newspaper, part-time job (15 hours/week, very dedicated) </p>

<p>Expected senior year: 4.0 GPA with 3 APs (Bio, Physics B, Calc AB) and Spanish 4 Honors, VP of class, employment, NHS, peer leaders, school newspaper</p>

<p>Just took the SAT, expecting a 1950 tops</p>

<p>Can anyone please chance me? I would really appreciate it :D</p>