New to Kings Point Family

<p>It was nice to meet so many people yesterday :).</p>

<p>I would just like to say that I feel a lot better now after leaving my son at the Academy yesterday. After all the offers of help and the exchanging of e-mails. There seems to be a great attitude that we will take care of your children and they will survive. Nice to meet some of the posters to this message board.</p>

<p>To the Parents Association thanks for all the hard work with the calendars and the posting of the pictures. (One complaint I could not find one from yesterday of my son, but that is the way it goes :().</p>

<p>Nice to meet you all at the mid-atlantic table. Sorry I did not get to meet KPMom, but I am sure we will at some point. (More important that my son meet her in the coming weeks :).)</p>

<p>Made it back to Michigan at 1:00 AM.</p>

<p>Take care,</p>


<p>CPA - I remember the same disappointment as I scrutinized each round of pictures last year. I know an effort is made to try to get each company, but they split up the companies at times so there will be days when you will see several pics of your PC and days you will see none. What is helpful is that they all do the same thing in rotations, so the pics give you a glimpse of what they did each day. I would write down questions I had as I went through the pics (e.g., where did you go on a helicopter???) because by the time I could "talk" to him, he had done so much, he wouldn't remember it all and neither would I. Indoc is a harrowing & mysterious, yet fascinating adventure to us civvies. I was chomping at the bit to learn as much as I could.</p>

<p>Yesterday, my s an I went through the many activities of that first day (from last year). I am so happy to have him home now. I recently started a new job and had photos of my children in my wallet. I had one of his graduation and also one of the June ball that just recently occurred. What a difference in the appearance of him! Not only is he in much better shape, but he looks so mature! You will see a metamorphasis of the child you left at the academy yesterday and the new one that emerges in the not so distant future. I'm sorry I was unable to meet the new parents yesterday. I hope to meet all of you during parent's weekend. That is a weekend I will hope you will not miss. I understand that some parent's cannot make the trip due to distance. Please let us know who you are. We include all those whose parents are unable to make the event. We take them out to dinner and make them feel like we are their surrogate families for the time. It really helps them. I know the angst you are going through now. It was so difficult for me last year. They make such good friends and grow so much, both physically, mentally and emotionally. It is a process that their friends at home sometimes take much longer to do. It is all good. Take care and keep in touch.</p>

<p>CPA Steve it was great to meet you yesterday and all the other parents. I'm sorry that I did not have a lot of time to chat with everyone, but hope to be able to at Parent's Weekend. As Kathy said please let us know if you are not going to be able to make it to parent's weekend as there are many stand-in parents available to give your child a "taste of home." I left KP early this morning, and all the Plebe Candidates were marching and learning things...I did not see them, but I heard them :) </p>

<p>My son, who is a DI this year, called me about an hour ago and he said everyone is fairing well and not to worry. They went on a little run this morning and I'm sure there is lots in store for them tomorrow. Remember to write lots of letters...everyday :)</p>

<p>My husband and I were at the Chapel this morning. I said "Hi" to all the candidates coming out of Mass, and in Protestant Chapel, each one of the 150 got a MOM hug. They also got a handshake from my husband, and the Chaplain. They look great, most of them were smiling, and there was only one with wet eyes. One of the candidates asked prayer that her parents would do okay during INDOC!!! Last year, when the current DI's came to chapel, a lot of them were crying. So, Moms and Dads, relax, they are doing okay. We will look after them, and make sure they do okay.</p>

<p>After INDOC I will start up Cookie Cafe, where I take pictures of each one of them, and learn their names. I am anxious to get acquainted and become friends with the wonderful sons and daughters you sent our way. Thanks for the privilege of having them here.</p>

<p>Dear KPMOM,</p>

<pre><code>Thank You for looking after the men and women at KP. It's nice to know that someone is there keeping an eye on things. Could you write a little something in your profile so we can learn a little more about you? Thanks again...Mike