New to the ACT, how is the 2006-2007 Preparing for the ACT booklet? Easier or harder?

<p>Well, this will be my first time taking the ACT, so I picked up this free booklet call Preparing for the ACT 2006-2007 at my guidance office at school. It is supposed to be just like the ACT. So, my question is whether or not this is just like the ACT or much easier. So, far I am doing awesome that is why I wanna know. I don't want to go in thinking I will kick A$$ then find out my practice test was way easier than the normal ACT. Thanks guys.</p>

<p>It IS just like the ACT, because it's an actual retired test with the actual conversion they used to score the test. The ACT questions themselves aren't difficult, it's the timing that kills people.</p>

<p>ok sweet. Thanks for the reponse. I am quite worried because on the SAT the math section tricks always screwed me over and I never had time to finish practically. I am hoping the ACT won't be too bad. The questions seem straightforward unlike the SAT. So basically time-wise, skip questions you can't answer right away and move on? Then answer them if you still have time left? What I am trying to do is get at least a 30 composite because my SAT's just suck. I won't get into my top choices because of them, so I am giving the ACT a go. How many questions can I get wrong on each section to get a 30 on that section? My goal is minimum of 30 on each section and a 30 composite minimum. :)</p>

<p>If you look at the score conversions included with the test you have, that should give you an idea about how many you can miss and still get a 30. </p>

<p>For each section: Reading, 7-8; Math, @8; Reading, 7; for these two science tests I'm looking at, you can't get a 30. It's either -4, 31 or -5, 29. Hope that helps.</p>

<p>But you should keep in mind that you can get combinations and still get a 30. For example, say you're not really a math and science person, you can get a 33, 27, 32, 26 (E, M, R, S) and still end up with a 30 because of the way the ACT composite is calculated (.5 rounds up).</p>

<p>wow thanks for the help. :)</p>

<p>No problem. Hope the ACT works out for ya, sure did for me. I hate SATs.</p>

<p>I hate the SAT's also. Hopefully this will be my lucky test!</p>