New Tranfer looking for friends

<p>My name is Diana. I'm an incoming Cultural Anthropology major with a focus on gender and sexuality. I guess I'm eager to start the whole university experience, so I'm dying to meet some other students around my age. I'm right now living in the North Hollywood area, but I'm willing to travel anywhere in the LA area to hang out with new friends. As far as interests go, I'm a dance fanatic who also loves the great outdoors. I listen to a lot of pre-punk and classic rock, as well as a little darkwave and industrial. I'm a fan of all stage performances, art, symphonies and opera. I'm also easing myself into the Scene with my primary, though it's not exactly lifestyle. (whoa! check out the jargon there!) I'm also obsessed with 1940's pin-up, minus the ditz act. I love all kinds of cinema, from black-and-white classics and film noire, to foreign films and indie gems, to sci-fi and cyberpunk, to historical dramas, and even your everyday comedy (so long as it's not too crude). My favorite books tend to deal with either gender issues or philosophical ideas, though right now I'm reading a more anthropological narrative ("Three Cups of Tea"). I'm a huge animal lover and an active conservationist. I also am passionate about human rights issues. And despite being so enthralled by social science, I'm fascinated by "hard science" as well (biology, astronomy, chemistry, physics). I'm a bit on the spontaneous side; I love taking impromptu trips and talking to total strangers, and I'm generally the type to pick "dare" (though I'm wonderful at "truth" too, since I really don't keep secrets and I'm a bit shameless). I think that just about covers the surface level of me. How about you?</p>

<p>Dear Diana,</p>

<p>I saw your post by coincidence while looking through all the other posts about UCLA. I'm an incoming international exchange student from Belgium & The Netherlands, and I'm also looking for new friends. I will be following the Women's Studies programme, but I also have an MA in Philosophy (focus on feminist & psychoanalytical philosophy). Interestingly enough, we seem to have a lot in common at first sight - so feel free to add me on facebook or pm me :)
Best regards,</p>

<p>Evelien Geerts</p>

<p>hello am student at university of la gone i will like to b ur good friend so can u add me on my yahoo id thirumusin*********** so that we can know each more ok i hop u will do so good bye</p>

<p>apparently this site blocks domain names to e-mail addresses. </p>

<p>Feel free to add me on AIM.</p>

<p>My AIM ID is: Google it urself</p>

<p>Chat with you soon and hope all of you enjoy your time at UCLA.</p>