New Transfer: Questions regarding Poli Sci Major...

<p>I am a newly admitted transfer student to UCLA. My major is Poli Sci, and I have fulfilled all of the requirements listed on & I am also IGETC certified. When I visited the Poli Sci department a month ago, I spoke with a counselor. I was informed that I will be required to take a Stats Course w/Lab before I can formally declare as a Poli Sci major. </p>

<p>I am a bit confused since I have already taken the required elementary Statistic course at my CC to fulfill the math requirements on the IGETC (As matter of fact, I have also taken College Algebra & Trig). Can some1 who is currently a Poli Sci student (Jr or Sr status) at UCLA confirm this? </p>

<p>I was also told that I will most likely unable to take more than 1 upper-division poli sci course during my first qtr since by the time I register most current students would have registered already. Given this situation, would it be likely that I will be able to graduate within 2 years after I start at UCLA this Fall? </p>

<p>Thank you</p>

<p>UCLA does not accept the regular CCC statistics course to fulfill the political science major prep requirement, only for IGETC. Some colleges offer Psych Stats (sometimes called Statistics for Social Science--see Pierce College on Assist); this satisfies oth IGETC and UCLA's political science department. If you didn't take a political science department-approved stats course, you'll have to take the one offered at UCLA.</p>

<p>omg....I hated Elementary Stats -_-</p>

<p>Thank you for answering my Q....Any1 have taken both Stats for social science and regular Elementary Stats? How similar are they? How difficult is one over another? Sigh....</p>

<p>I haven't taken either yet, but based on previous posts here, they have little in common. That surprises me, so I'd take it with a grain of salt until someone can answer more authoritatively.</p>

<p>Also, if you happened to take social science statistics that isn't articulated for the polisci requirement, see if you can get it approved by the math department. This only applies to social science/psych stats--it's listed as a social science or psych course (eg, Social Science 10); if you took Statistics 10 (or your CCC's equivalent), you're SOL.</p>

<p>It seems like you took Statistics 10--I included the above for anyone else who runs across
this thread.</p>

<p>I'm currently taking Stats for the Social Sciences at Pierce College. I can only compare it to the AP Stats class I took in high school two years ago, but I can say this: It is the softest math class I have ever taken. It's not hard in the least, so if you're fortunate enough to take it at my school, I wouldn't worry. I can't speak for other campuses though.</p>

<p>Hey, so am I, killer. Who are you taking it with? I've got Wimsatt.</p>

<p>And JC1029, thanks for raising an interesting point- I guess I'll just have to see when I get there-I've heard so many things about Stats and Poli Sci @ UCLA that I don't even know what to believe anymore. Who did you see/talk to at the Poli Sci Dept?</p>

<p>I have Lim. He is sincerely a really fantastic teacher.</p>

<p>If it's true that it'll be hard to enroll in more than one upper division polisci class for the first quarter, I'll be sad ;_____;. Some of the classes for fall quarter seem really interesting.</p>

<p>KernislanderS: I don't remember his name, but it was a gentlemen who was a counselor at the Poli Sci department that told me the above info in person. </p>


<p>In any event, I emailed the two counselors listed on UCLA Poli Sci dept's webpage last night. Below is my question and his answer:</p>

<p>Q: *I would like to start early and take Summer school classes at UCLA
before Fall quarter begins, and I was planning on taking PS6 or PS6R
to complete the Stats requirement. *Yet, I do not see this course
listed anywhere on UCLA's Registar website under Political Science or
Statistics for the Summer terms. *I have also tried looking up the
same class under the Spring 2010 term but also had no luck finding it.</p>

<p>A: Political Science 6 will be offered in the Fall. *You can also take Econ 41, or Stats 10 to satisfy this requirement. *Political Science 6 is not offered this Summer.</p>

<p>I'm currently trying to find out which CA CC we can go to take either if the 3 stats classes. Will post the info once I have it.</p>

<p>Thanks JC- that's right kind of you.</p>

<p>And Killer- I've heard great things about Lim. Kinda wish I had, but Wimsatt at least made it fun. And wait, how do you already know the classes offered in Fall? I've been looking around for something, but I haven't found anything. I know the schedule isn't released until the 7th of June, but do they have a set list of classes that they offer for Poli Sci in the Fall?</p>

<p>I wa in contact with one of the department advisors and she told me she could give me a print out of the classes they'll be offering for fall, winter, spring. You can also log into URSA and see what classes are being offered. Click on the "Find A Class To Enroll" option, and select to see classes in the Political Science department for fall quarter 2010.</p>

<p>Oh dude that is just cool- so far it only shows the lower division, but maybe I pushed the wrong button or something... Well, I have to take Poli Sci 30 anyway since LITERALLY no CCC offers it. I'm sure we're all in the same boat there though.</p>

<p>Poli Sci 30 is only required if you decide to concentrate on Field V, right?</p>

<p>Well, it's required for MOST of the classes in Field V- and all of the classes that I'm interested in for Field V require it. Some don't, but those are classes that don't interest me at ALL.</p>

<p>Ok guys, go on and find a class that is equivalent to UCLA's STATS 10 @ a California CC if you want to save the $ and declare your major quicker than others given that you haven't clear this requirement already. </p>

<p>Just to be clear, this is to satisfy the STATS 10 requirement listed on for UCLA's Poli Sci major, and I was told by UCLA's counselor that this is the only class I need to declare the major since I have already completed the 4 out of 5 required lower-division Poli Sci classes previously. I am not sure if this satisfies the Pol 6 or Econ 41 or if this applies to you, and I am doing this because I am intending on focusing in American Politics or Int'l Relations. Please do your own research before taking the class. </p>

<p>Below are the colleges I was told that offers the course according to my correspondence with the counselor at UCLA: </p>

<p>Santa Ana College
Santiago Canyon College
Fullerton, Pierce, & Glendale</p>

<p>I will most likely enroll at Fullerton or Pierce. Anyone here goes to Pierce knows if they are on a plus & minus grading system? Let me know if any of you are planning on doing this as well. Would be fun to take the class with a fellow Bruin from College Confidential.</p>

<p>I don't think the extra Stats class at UCLA applies for everyone. Foothill College to UCLA = Statistics classes are equivalent. You should check out first!</p>

<p>National</a> rankings & faculty honors - UC Berkeley - Political Science #2.. whatever that means.</p>

<p>Pierce is not on a plus/minus grading system.</p>