New TV Reality Show

<p>Now here's a new reality show that we can all get excited about!</p>

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<p>VERY interesting Kissy! Sounds like you need to have demonstrated financial need to have a shot at being selected for the cast.....and you'll be followed through the admission process.</p>

<p>Some of you will recall a thread a long time ago on here where some of us were joking about that there should be a reality TV show revolving around the college admissions process with the prize being getting into the college. We all had fun with that idea. I forget which mom here and I were the ones who bounced this idea around. Was it Patient or AParent? It was one other mom and myself and then others chimed in. </p>

<p>Soooooooo, NOW the powers that be are gonna make a mint off this idea....where is our cut? OH, we should have really pursued

<p>Susan, I had the same thought. I don't remember who the other parent was (I thought it was a dad maybe), but I wish we had all banded together to do this.</p>

<p>The New York Times offers similar scholarships. The whole reality TV thing makes me sick. True reality TV is live news and sports telecasts.</p>

<p>Yes, those lost opportunities are a drag. Many years ago I handles a case, and concluded my brief with a passage that suggestion that "such forms of poetic justice are better left to Hollywood screen writers, rather than court's of law." Wouldn't you know it, a few years later someone made a movie about that case. No royalties for me either!</p>

<p>handled -- suggested -- I really should proof read</p>

<p>Susan, yes- I remember that thread. If my memory serves me correctly, I seem to remember a journalist from Texas who posted on this forum, looking for college applicants to chronicle. I think Xiggi posted the article when it was published. Anyway, I seem to remember your reality show idea dovetailing into the journalist's thread.</p>