New UC Berkeley transfer students shouldn't take Stat during the Summer? Why???

<p>I got accepted into L & S in UC Berkeley, and I'm now trying to figure out the smartest way of declaring my major at Berkeley. </p>

<p>Bottom line is does anyone know why econ major department says "New transfer students should not take economic theory (Econ 100A or 100B or 101A) or statistics during the summer session???"</p>

<p>Since taking stat 134 will consume an enormous amount of study time for other classes, I thought that it is better idea to take stat 134 over the summer in stead of taking it in fall semester. </p>

<p>Plus, econ is my alternative major in case I reject from ORMS major, and I have to take Stats 134 for ORMS major requirement anyway, but Econ major department says like that above. ugh</p>

<p>Can anyone give me some advice for this issue?

<p>If it's a popular class, you should take it during the summer. I don't know anything about the major but it would suck if you couldn't declare for several semesters just because you need that class, especially if it's a prereq or one of those non-prereqs but highly recommended you take first classes.</p>

<p>its because stat 134 is much harder than anything you've taken and its very likely that if you're not used to that level of rigor you'll screw up your gpa and not get into the major. Of the 300 transfers that apply for the econ major only around 200 get in. The summer course is extremely fast paced. Everything you learned about probability at a CCC course (binomial dist, normal dist, etc.) will be covered in the first 2 or 3 days.</p>

<p>here are slides for the class to give you an idea: <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>