New User --- Amherst Essay Question

<p>I've been working on Amherst's essay question for a while now, and now I'm at a bit of an impasse. There are two basic ideas that I'm working with, and I would really appreciate advice from any Amherst students, or ED applicants. I lived in Amherst for 4 years (age 6-10) and am a relatively accomplished writer. Here's a list of the ideas I've been thinking about.</p>

<p>1) Comparison of my childhood view of Amherst (I loved the town as a child) to my present day view (a lot dingier than I remember)
2) How Amherst initiated my life as a poet/writer (my 2nd grade teacher encouraged me to publish my first poem; Emily Dickinson was a resounding influence, etc.)</p>

<p>For the second option, which I am leaning toward, I am considering a series of vignettes that reflect my growth as a writer. I don't know how this will go over with the AC admissions office, and I typically would not think twice about what an admissions officer thought of my writing; however, this is the first college I have been really invested in, and so I am asking for advice. Thanks so much for your time.</p>

<p>I am at a loss to what your question is. </p>

<p>Do you want me to evaluate the strength of your topics,
or how they would have to relate to the supplemtal essay quotes they give you(which should be an easy task)...or....what?</p>

<p>A related question. How much does my supplemental essay have to relate to the quote I have chosen? Does it have to be directly connected to the quote, or could it just about a topic sparked off in my head after reading the quote?</p>

<p>I have a hunch the second approach is fine as well, but I would like to make sure.</p>

<p>The second is ok. It doesn't need to be so directly connected.</p>

<p>Deanchhsw - Sorry if my question wasn't clear. I was asking about the strength of my subjects; I wasn't sure which one would appeal more to Amherst, but I wound up writing it based on option 2. Thanks for your reponse :)</p>

<p>NBZ - This response is really late, so you've probably already written your supplemental essay, but yeah, I'd say that the admissions office doesn't expect you to adhere too closely to the quote. Just use it as a jumping off point. (I went with option 2)</p>

<p>Lemonjello - Thanks. That's what I thought too.</p>