New York Colleges

<p>Hi guys,
I'm a sophomore right now, and I'll be visiting NYC in December. I really love the city, and might be interested in attending college there, so my dad said we could visit some schools on our trip. Obviously I don't know where I'll be applying yet, or just what my "stats" will be, but I'd like to check some different places out to get a feel for them. I'd guess that Columbia and schools like it will be out of my reach, but schools just below that level in caliber might be good reach schools for me. Oh yeah, and I want to study history (especially American history) in college. </p>

<p>So knowing all that, can anyone give suggestsion of schools (they can be reach/match/safety, whatever) to visit? Thanks so much guys!</p>

<p>I would consider Sarah Lawrence in Bronxville (just outside New York)
Eugene Lang would be a second school to look at
New York University, of course
CUNY - Queens College
These are the colleges that come to mind off the top of my head. You may want to look at their websites to get a feel for each of these schools to see which schools appeal to you and which ones you can safely mark off your list.</p>

<p>Good luck.</p>

<p> yeah, I hope this helps</p>

<p>Thanks so much, guys. That's a huge help!</p>

<p>Consider schools with doctoral level, nationally known history departments in NYC...besides Columbia, focus on NYU, Barnard and Fordham. Those departments have the most breadth and provide the most undergraduate opportunity for growth in the study of history.</p>

<p>Good categoriztion of New York Schools.</p>

<p>The cream of the crop: Columbia/Barnard</p>

<p>Extremely Good but not at same level: NYU</p>

<p>After the two schools mentioned above I think Fordham, Pace, FIT, CUNY-Baruch. Manhattan and a few more are all good schools that should be considered and under some special reasons and/or circumstances people do choose to attend Fordham, Pace, FIT, CUNY-Baruch etc... over NYU. However, that would be a good categorization of the schools in close proximity to New York City</p>

<p>Pace and Manhattan do not have the same reputation, selectivity, campus life, academic strength or opportunities that Fordham offers. FIT is great for the fine arts and fashion and has nothing to do with history . Baruch offers a solid business background and also has nothing to do with history.</p>