New York Times: Undercounting Freshmen, Iowa Scrambles for Room

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<p>Nice article, thought the college confidential community may be interested in reading it.</p>

Still, in a sign of how the composition of the student body is shifting, Iowa residents will, for the first time this fall, make up a minority of the freshman class — 45 percent.


This is a quote from the New York Times. I am not too suprised to find Iowa residents are a minority of the freshmen class due to student population at Iowa but did find it a interesting fact.</p>

<p>Very interesting, CB. Thanks for posting this! Interesting that NYT seems to frequently mention Iowa in their college coverage.</p>

<p>CB, likewise adding my thanks for posting this link. I found it very interesting. IMO, I think it is a positive step that Iowa is drawing more people from far afield in the US and abroad. Hopefully they will continue to diversify and focus on the east and west coasts more, much like Indiana does. </p>

<p>I'm not surprised that Iowa is drawing more attention, since our careful and very broad search quickly uncovered Iowa as a stellar value and great environment. The economy surely had an impact given the Best Buy designation and low relative cost. And the Orange Bowl season probably did not hurt. </p>

<p>Regarding the NY Times attention to Iowa, I was also wondering about this as well, Beastman. I'd guess that the author has some professional connection/relationship with someone from Iowa admissions, and the growth of the freshman class is definitely noteworthy.</p>