New York University Early Decision for Fall 2023 Admission

This year, the Early Decision (ED) deadline for the New York University is November 1.

List your unweighted GPA, any SAT /ACT scores, and ECs. What majors are you going into?
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Hi, I’m a senior in high school looking to apply ED to at NYU.

Stats are the following:
SAT-Test optional(Most likely however I am taking the august SAT)
APs-CSA-4, Stats-4, Calc BC-5. MacroEcon-5(I have taken more AP exams however my scores were not very good. I have heard that AP scores are anyways not very important for admission and it’s more about the grade you get in AP Classes. Please correct me if Im wrong).
EC’s-Robotics Captain, MUN secretariat, Research papers, internships in data analytics, an internship with NGO, etc.
Major-Data science(offered By CAS)

Do I have a chance at ED1 NYU for data science?

What is your unweighted ?

What is your weighting based on ? .5 honors, +1 AP?

How are your ECs in regards to tenure and accomplishment…not just a list.

Do you have a chance? Sure. No one can say you don’t.

What are your odds? Need more info.

Make sure your family is on board with ED and that you can afford NYU.

As for AP, a lower score will just mean no credit if it’s avail. Your grade matters most. Some schools may say - you didn’t submit and wonder why. Others may not. No way to know.

If you want NYU, ED will be your best chance.

Just make sure you have a balanced list of schools and don’t fall in love with one.

My school doesn’t do unweighted GPAs however by looking at past trends(for my school’s class of 2021), I am top 50 out of close to 300 students. I know this isn’t very helpful however my school doesn’t really post information on class rank or unweighted GPA.

As per My ECs, I am the captain of a robotics team outside of school where I take charge of the electronics and programming part. Until now I have trained close to 13 people in this genre of robotics and we are currently preparing for a comp in 2023. I have also tutored math and physics to underprivileged kids and have interned for an extremely big NGO- where I have also made head tutor. Research wise, I am working with a PHD student and writing a research paper using statistics and econometric models. In addition, I am also taking part in MUN-have hosted confrences+made head chair for bigger conferences. I have a few more but these are the main ones I am going to talk about in my essays.

As per weighting, My school gives 0.5 weight to AP classes.


You can calculate your unweighted. 4 for an A. 3 for a B. The school is likely to so you need to for a chance me.

If your school doesn’t rank, then you don’t know your rank. They may give groupings - top 10% or 25%.

They just say most are ranked in top 10% but most may be 50.1%.

Will be hard to chance you without further info but apply. If they say no - then that’s why you have targets and safeties.

Just ensure you you can afford b4 I apply.

Is the Global Liberal Studies Program something one applies to separately (or indicates a preference on Common App)?

Is the perception that it is more or less competitive from an acceptance rate perspective than regular path admissions for a liberal arts major?

I had read in very old threads some mixed reviews of the program itself in terms of academic cohesiveness etc. But those are threads that seem to be a decade old.

And there’s also the Liberal Studies Core which seems to be somehow distinct from Global Liberal Studies Program. NYU pathways are confusing.