New York University Financial Aid

<p>Anyone have a clue what type of $ NYU may award; with a EFC of around $20,000 and pretty high academics?</p>

<p>hard to tell NYU is notorious for freshman year grants and much less sophomore year.</p>

<p>I know personally, one girl who had a major scholarship to attend, and after her mother ( single parent) died sophomore year, she had to drop out.</p>

In the eyes of Gallatin freshman Jesse O'Connell, the majority of students enrolled at NYU are those "who can afford to pay everything, or who are in debt for years."


With</a> financial aid, frustration abounds - Features</p>

<p>It's a good school though, we know one couple who used to be profs at Ann Arbor for years but were thrilled to return to NYU ( history dept)</p>

<p>We are preparing for the worst when/if D even gets accepted. To an extent I would pay more for her to go to NYU just for the experience of the city but every family has their OOP limits.</p>

<p>my son is a freshman at NYU. My EFC was ~12k this school year.</p>

<p>He got 2400 perkins and 3500 Subsidized stafford loans
900 Work study</p>

<p>and a 15K trustee scholarship and a 15K Carroll and Milton Petrie Scholarship. They swore to me that he will keep both scholarships for all 4 years. My son would not be at NYU w/o that scholarship. </p>

<p>the rest of the money came from me, my EFC plus a little extra for books, etc.</p>

<p>No grants, We are not NY residents so no NY grants and we didn't get a Pell grant (obviously).</p>

<p>NYU doesn't really care what the EFC is.</p>

<p>They give generous merit scholarships to students at the very top of their applicant pool (probably top 5%) in combination with need based aid if appropriate.</p>

<p>They then structure financial aid in a tiered fashion, based essentially on perceived academic standing. A very typical award for the middle-range student with a low EFC would be a $10K grant + large work study award and the rest in loans. So you might be looking at $10K grant + $35K loans. If you appeal, they'll throw in another $1-$2K grant money.... but that's it. </p>

<p>A big work study award is not particularly helpful, because the student would need to line up the job & work the hours required to earn the guess is that it is unusual for a student to earn more than $1500-$2000 in work study during a school year no matter what the size of the award.</p>

<p>they tried to drop his perkins award and lump it into the work study (after initially giving the perkins on the FA award papers). For just the reasons you stated, I called the FA office I had them reinstate the perkins and leave the WS at a low $.</p>

<p>I'm hoping they give it to him again this year. My EFC is actually a few hundred less this year so the 'need' is still there.</p>

<p>But to answer the OP's question, you're looking at paying at least your EFC, there is a slim chance that they would give merit aid that would wipe that out. In fact, you would be rejoicing if they only put you down for 20K.</p>

<p>and about that OOP (out of pocket?), let's just say my son likes the city, alot and has no problem finding ways to spend his (mostly) money.</p>