Newark or New Brunswick for premed/biology

<p>Iwas accepted to both campuses and chose biology as my major. My career interest lies solely in medicine. Which campus is better?? I haven't been able to visit the campuses because i live in pakistan but from what ive heard NB is bigger, offers more research opportunities and has RWJUH close to it which allows shadowing,etc but NB is highly competitive, harder to maintain a high gpa and the teachers' are not really that interested in the student. also ive heard that there isnt any guidance so its everyone for themselves. Whereas newark is smaller-more one to one attention, relatively easier to maintain a high gpa and they guide students. plus newark is like 10 minutes away from my house in america. the cons are research and quality of education. please correct me if im wrong.
also what's the car parking scene?</p>

<p>if you study in newark, why did you prefer it to NB and vice versa</p>

<p>If people can’t get into New Brunswick they go to Newark.</p>

<p>You should definitely go to new Brunswick. The Newark campus is known to be pretty unsafe and NB will give you a much better college experience.</p>

<p>no question - NB. Newark is where people head if they got declined at NB.</p>

<p>looks like i’ll be attending NB. thank you all for your responses!</p>