Newbie to Boarding School scene. Help please?

<p>I feel like such a goober making so many threads but I couldn't find these questions anywhere! Well, my first question is: "Will it be hard to make friends if I enter a school as a sophmore?". Will I be treated as a "new kid"? I know BS' are very friendly but I'm still not 100% convinced that I will be able to make friends. My second question is, "How competetive is the applicant pool for Hun School of Princeton?"</p>

<p>Thanks all of you :) ~Crickett</p>

<p>(Will people think it's wierd that the name I go by is Crickett??"</p>

<p>There are quite a few schools that feed into boarding schools that go through the 9th grade. Boarding schools set aside a sizable number of slots for 10th grade entries. It shouldn't be especially difficult for you to make friends as a function of your matriculating as a sophomore.</p>

<p>The Hun School just doesn't strike me as being, first and foremost, a boarding school. That said, I was impressed with the literature that they sent my son that touted the student life of their boarders. Still, I'd be wary. I suspect, however, that that might put you in good shape in terms of admissions. I have this vague (meaning, "likely to be incorrect") recollection that they want to increase their boarders. So you might find the competition to be not incredibly stiff for boarders and they might even actively pursue you...depending, of course, on what you're bring to the table besides a pillow.</p>

<p>Finally, with regard to the in the South people are given names like Crickett. Then again, back Nawth, I knew a guy named Splinter. His dad was Chip. His dad's guessed it: Block. Your name's gonna fit right in. It's the kids who are named John, William, Mark, David and Gregory who will be envious.</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>Thanks D'Yer Maker! I have many of the same worries.</p>

<p>"Crickett" is a totally awesome name. I don't think you need to worry about it.</p>

<p>Ok, so you say Hun isn't neccesarily a "boarding school". Are there some nice boarding schools with a higher acceptance rate than lets say, Andover or Exeter? Or Deerfield...<em>shudders</em>?</p>

<p>I would say that there are many boarding schools that are far better than those schools...provided that they're the right fit. In the past couple weeks there have been several posts here with people who are not zeroed in on those schools sharing with us dozens of schools that they are starting off with. Their problem is not finding potentially excellent boarding schools...but how to narrow their lists down to something that will produce the ideal match without cutting such a wide swath.</p>

<p>And please note that Hun may very well be an excellent fit for you. It seems to be an excellent fit for hundreds of students. Something drew you to it, so honor that initial impulse. I'm just giving you something to be sensitized to as you explore that school. I'd wouldn't be more delighted than I would if you were to come back here in a year or two to show me that my instincts were wrong and Hun was the perfect school for you in every possible way.</p>

<p>What are your interests? Both academically, athletically, and other activities. Do you like music? Theatre? Which sports? What languages do you want to take (or have already started)?<br>
What size school? Rural, city, etc? What kind of student are you - highly motivated? Or (much like my son can be sometimes) not so much? (not passing judgement on that, but it makes a difference on what school is a good fit).</p>

<p>Take a look at the school's stats. You will see that most have 10th grades quite a bit bigger than their 9th grade, so don't worry. My son will be applying for 10th grade as well.</p>

<p>Once you answer some of the basic questions, I bet you'll get a LONG list. I know our list started out with 6-8 has increased to about 15...we need to get it back down to the 6 range for applications. That'll happen with a combination of summer drive bys and fall visits. Of course we'll probably add a bunch before then too....</p>

<p>another good way to build a list (and narrow it down) it to write down things that the school would have to have -- is there a particular language you want to continue? A sport you play? an activity or interest that needs to be available? do you need to be within 3 hours of home? Do you dance?</p>

<p>Answering some of these questions will narrow down the list -- and you will know whether to add a school to the list.</p>

<p>my cousin goes to Hun. he's a boarding student and he LOVES it there- at least I think he does because he talks about it all the time. i don't actually know anything about the school itself though, sorry.</p>

<p>PM me :)</p>

<p>I could really use some directions about now.</p>

<p>Hey! If you are looking for a great boarding school, you should probably check out The Webb School in Bell Buckle, TN. I just graduated from Webb and I loved it! Although I was not part of the boarding community (i live ten mins. down the road), my boyfriend is and the boarding and day students mix together quite well. There are no real "cliques" at Webb because we are too small (max 300 students 6-12) and I found it incredibly easy to make friends! Webb is very diverse and I know that the students love and take pride in that! If you are worried about fitting in at Webb, don't! I know that it is a main concern for most students entering a new school but The Webb School community is very inviting to everyone! I think you should check it out!: <a href=""&gt;;/a> or you can talk to me if you have any questions!</p>