Newcomers' Guide Photos?

<p>I was filling out my required forms before the deadline (approaching fast!) when I came across the Newcomers' Guide Photo-uploading thing...
and was wondering if webcam photos were appropriate. I mean, the required size is so small that even a webcam photo looks pretty legit in its 96 px by 144 px form. Mine looks pretty professional, disregarding the random and maybe even ambiguous background (my bed on which I am leaning, not immediately obvious thanks to greyscale).
I know that whatever I put up there is my choice and everything, but I wanted to make sure such a picture wouldn't seem misplaced. What types of pictures were most common on previous Newcomers' Guides?</p>

<p>it's usually just a Facebook profile picture, senior headshot, etc. nothing too fancy. As long as you can clearly see your face you'll be fine.</p>

<p>i find the hs senior pictures to be cheesy, so avoid that and you'll look fine. i would suggest taking a photo outside in natural lighting. by the way, your o-week advisers will have these pictures as a way to identify you and they're required to memorize and learn everyone's names..</p>

<p>This is how last year's newcomers guide looked:
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