Newest obsession--any bad experiences with an inroom safe in a hotel?

<p>We will be using the inroom safe in our D.C. hotel when DS gets married later this year. I don't ever travel with my very best jewelry, but this time I will, and I'm a little nervous about it.</p>

<p>We have used the inroom safes in hotels countless times over the years and have never had a problem, but I wondered if anyone has had a bad experience, and whether there's another alternative I should know about.</p>

<p>As always--thanks!</p>

<p>no bad experiences here. have used them for years! [but I also only stay in really nice hotels when I travel]</p>

<p>I prefer the ones which lock with a credit card as opposed to the room key or a combination code. No bad experiences though :). Here's a link on traveling with jewelry:</p>

<p>6</a> Safe-guarding Tips for Traveling with Jewelry | PriceScope</p>

no bad experiences here. have used them for years! [but I also only stay in really nice hotels when I travel]


<p>My mother's friend lost very expensive jewellery while staying at the Plaza, NYC. That was back in the days when they had no security cameras.</p>

<p>If I have items that cannot be replaced readily, I ask to use the hotel's safe, rather than room safe.</p>

<p>Interesting timing on this topic for me: I am in Sao Paulo, Brazil this week, staying at a typical business class hotel chain ... last night we returned from dinner at about 11pm and one of my colleagues found that the battery in his safe had died. It was a typical combination safe, like you see anywhere in the world. Maintenance spent nearly an hour drilling through the door in the safe to get it open. Then because he still wanted to have a safe to put his things in, he had to changes rooms at around midnight. He wasn't very happy this morning.</p>

<p>Most hotels have safes or safety deposit boxes at the front desk that you can use. If you are not comfortable using the safe in the room, inquire about those.</p>

<p>We used inroom safes when we travel...but there is a warning in them about the hotels NOT having liability and mentioning the safes as a choice.</p>

<p>Hmm. Don't know if the front desk safe would make me feel any more secure: "Hi, I have this jewelry that's so valuable I'm afraid to keep it in the room--could you hang onto it for me?"</p>

<p>I just clicked on sylvan's link to read it, and found this:<br>

First, decide what jewelry you actually will wear at your destination. That special four-carat ring you wear for special events? Probably not. The fun cultured pearl strand that goes with just about every outfit... definitely.


<p>A strand of cultured pearls is "fun" ? They make it sound like cultured pearls are right down there with rhinestones and fake gold chains. Geez, I must travel in the wrong circles.</p>

<p>Supposedly some hotel in-room safes aren't so safe. There is a default code that will also open the safe, such as all zeros. I'd feel better with anything valuable at the front desk.</p>

<p>Your</a> hotel room safe: not as safe as you think |</p>

<p>Friends went to the Four Seasons in Punta Mita, Mexico. They checked into the room, put their jewelry in the safe, and went to dinner. When they came back to the room, the entire safe was ripped out of the wall and gone. The hotel refused to accept any responsibility.</p>

Don't know if the front desk safe would make me feel any more secure


<p>The things left at the hotel safe at the desk are insured and the hotel guarantees their security. Not so in the room safe where there is NO insurance or liability by the hotel.</p>

<p>If you feel very strongly about the safety of any items when traveling...don't bring them along.</p>

<p>I liked the suggestions about making a list and taking pictures - so easy to do now with cell phone cameras.</p>

<p>what do you do with pass ports and credit cards etc when you go swimming?</p>

<p>I would say it depends on where you are going to be. We also had a robbery experience in Punta Mitanni despite the fact that we we also staying in a "hi end" place. Probably my last trip to Mexico....I have used the safes in other places with no issues.</p>


<p>google this and you will see a youtube video on it. </p>

<p>RE: Mexico/other latin american countries: A friend had a 3 month long church mission trip to mexico and while there, decided to spend a week on "fun." Well, They stayed at a high end resort (I believe it was the Hilton or something) and 3 of the 8 people had their in-room safes broken into. They went home only to notice ridiculous charges on their cards. The only time their cards were not with them was when they were sleeping (with a deadbolt) OR in the in-room safe. Also, a friend had his ipad stolen too. since the charges were discovered after they left the country, they couldn't dispute it sucessfully.</p>

<p>A year ago, a cousin went to Mexico for a destination wedding. At that time, the economy had tanked, and he tought a Mexican beach resort would be an excellent value. Think again! While he stayed at a Five star resort, he witnessed several things that made his skin crawl: Observed a server getting out of the bathroom (after an extended bowel movement) and NOT wash his hands, then go to clean up the salad bar. He also got lost and somehow ended up near the kitchen entrance of the hotel and saw chefs SMOKING as they seared steak?! His wife also mentioned she thought she saw a worker pleasuring himself in the bathroom before returning to the kitchen and not washing his hands (the bathroom door was opened and she saw through a mirror). Needless to say after my experiances I usually raise an eyebrow when people say they want to go to Mexico for a value-vacation. My theory is that while everything on the surface may LOOK like they are up to par with American standards, the people/locals running the resort do exactly always have the same American habits.</p>

<p>^Wow. I'm not sure that American workers aren't equally guilty in hygiene issues. What I would say is that when our Apple products were stolen from our penthouse condo in Punta de Mita I called Apple and was told that their products are heavily stolen in Mexico. My blackberry was left untouched and we know we were robbed on two separate occasions while there including at least one while we were in the condo and sleeping.</p>