Newhouse chances - regular decision

<p>Help! My daughter was deferred from early decision to Newhouse, and is now waiting for regular decision. Her overall record is quite good:</p>

<p>GPA (at difficult private school) - 3.45
SAT's 2130 (790 on writing portion; 720 English, 620 math)
Summer program at Stanford (A and B in courses)
Summer program at Brown (A and B in courses)</p>

<p>EC's include office holder jewish youth organization; editor of magazine addressing homeless issues; lots of music leadership; job with Talent Agency</p>

<p>excellent recommendations</p>

<p>Currently studying abroad</p>

<p>We think deferral may have been because of a couple of Cs on her first quarter grade report. She brought one of them up to B and the other remained a C+. </p>

<p>Chances, anyone?</p>

<p>Wow, very surprised about deferral....Nevertheless, update the school with any new things/awards and definitely make sure they know that it is still 1st choice.....It probably was GPA that hurt her, but in a difficult private school, a 3.45 is probably good.......Did she have any AP's/honors?</p>

<p>her school doesn't have what they call AP - they have regular, honors, and scholars, and yes she has a number of honors. She has kept in contact, with the clear message of "if admitted, I will attend."
Thanks for replying.</p>

<p>hmm...She's going to get in. There's no way she can't. I had WAYY lesser stats (besides GPA) and got into Newhouse ED. Either way, I wish her luck!</p>

<p>She Got It!!!</p>

<p>congrats. what's her major?</p>

<p>public relations. Are you a student there? We would love some "insider" stuff on housing , meal plans, class/reigstration, and anything else.</p>

<p>awesome. yes, I'm a public relations major, first-year. these weeks are a little hectic for me, so I apologize if I don't respond immediately, but feel free to ask me anything!</p>

<p>How much do you think they look beyond just grades and special programs?
I know applying RD wasn't the greatest idea, but...</p>

<p>Is being an editor and reporter on a stellar (Pacemaker, Gold Crown, kick-butt) newspaper any influence?</p>

<p>(This in addition to 3.9 GPA and a 30 ACT and the most rigorous schedule my school offers?)</p>