News on AU Housing



<p>Apparently, they currently only have housing for 400 juniors and seniors. It sounds like everyone who wanted to live on campus got housing, perhaps because people thought it wasn’t worth it to enter a lottery for 400 beds divided among 3000 students! Adding more beds will probably pull more upperclassmen into the housing lottery, so it may remain an uncertain proposition for those students who prefer, for one reason or another, to stay on campus.</p>



<p>Another perspective I can give is that many juniors and seniors don’t actually WANT to live on campus. Most of my senior friends actually want to live elsewhere and I know by junior year I won’t even want to be on AU campus.</p>

<p>Two reasons: (1) It’s much cheaper… as in the THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS cheaper, and (2) you can get tired of living on campus. </p>

<p>Just another perspective. It’s great the AU Campus Plan was approved!</p>

<p>Where do people live off campus in D.C.? I imagine the real estate in that area is quite expensive and in demand and wouldn’t necessarily be affordable for college students</p>

<p>There are certain apartment buildings that house many AU students.</p>

<p>Consider that students pay $10K/year to share a bedroom in a dorm. For a year that starts at the end of August and is over by the first week of May! So that’s >$1K/month. If several students pool resources, they can rent apartments in the neighborhood.</p>

<p>Not being that familiar with the campus, is all this new building going to turn the campus into a construction zone? More housing sounds like a very good thing, but it also sounds like a lot of bulldozers, etc are moving in.</p>

<p>@Raito23 - There are a few right by campus in fact. The Avalon, Berkshire apartments, McLean Gardens to name a few. </p>

<p>For example, this is the Berkshire apartments website which has monthly rates if you scroll down. Split a studio by 2 people and it’s much cheaper than AU housing. Split a one bedroom by 4 people and you’ve got a deal. <a href=“[/url]”>;/a&gt;&lt;/p&gt;

<p>@KellyLJ1 - I doubt it. The 2011 Campus Plan is a comprehensive plan that will be executed from 2011-2020. Many of the East Campus additions we won’t see for awhile. The Nebraska Hall addition will be done by 2016 but even then that’s a far way off. Plus, I don’t think AU will just leave a bunch of construction laying around. There’s a long way to go for this plan to be implemented.</p>