Newsflash for all you PSAT freaks

<p>Hello all you gib-munchers, I got a big newsflash for you.</p>

<p>PSATs don't matter.</p>

<p>Nobody cares if your commended or anything and they don't give you any idea of how you will do on the SAT</p>

<p>Now be quiet before I give you all a Cincinatti Surprise (look it up on urban dictionary, and just for kicks, look up Alaskan Fire Dragon if you don't know already)</p>

<p>If you end up with a scholarship for how you did on a test one morning, that's a pretty good thing.</p>

<p>Did you look at urban dictionary?</p>

<p>PSATs do matter. If they didn't, then they wouldn't be administered to Juniors across the country. Nor would scholarships be offered to those who score high.</p>

<p>man o man, shot down by someone who has 727 posts on the site. Im sure this guy lends a realistic eye to the college process.</p>


<p>Of course, someone with 15 posts would present an even MORE realistic eye the the college process.</p>

<p>You obviously didnt grasp the underlying concept of my post azzmuncher.</p>

<p>People here are way to obsessed with college and think everything matters.
"oh no, I got a U for conduct. Should I kill myself?"</p>

<p>It doesnt. Most of it is pure BS. This site deceives you and makes you ignorant to the nth degree.</p>

<p>a U for conduct? thats the kind of grades they gave us up until 2nd grade (U, S, S+, O). i assume u means unsatisfactory</p>

I don't know why you seem so angry at people who care about their PSAT scores, but the fact is that they do matter. Because of the PSAT I became a National Merit Scholarship Semi Finalist, which has caused countless colleges to send me letters offering me up to full scholarships. Although the PSAT might not be important to you, it is important to many people who can score very highly on it.
Also if this cite "deceives you and makes you ignorant to the nth degree," then why do you bother posting on it?</p>

<p>also, because of the PSAT, I will be able to show two colleges that I am really interested in them.......this is really good considering you are shwoing the colleges that as a junior, you want to go to their school! And even if you dont get semi/finalist....students are still up for awards and scholarships from companies/organizations.. dont underestimate the PSAT!</p>

<p>PSAT letters are worth shlt, colleges dont care</p>